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R2 Games Annual Sale - The Best Deals to Get Valuable Items in The Year

With so many amazing discounts, you wouldn't want to miss out on R2 games biggest sale of the year! R2 Games Annual Sale - The Best Deals to Get Valuable Items in The Year

Perhaps most browser game players are familiar with R2 Games, one of the most popular platforms. Lately, R2 Games has grown its portfolio with new, for example, last August Dragon Awaken Deutsch and Omega Zodiac were launched. Both games instantly became the most popular browser games in the platform. According to the R2 Games team, this September there will also be a Big Sale which will offer the best discount for all titles in the platform.

The R2 Games Annual Sale will begin on September 9th on all R2 games. There will be lots of packs with low prices to help all players grow their characters and accounts. We have been told that players in The Third Age will receive the biggest discount with a pack with an 80% off. Wartune will also receive many cost-effective packages that will be one-day exclusive. Other games will also have very discounted and exclusive packages. Follow R2 Games official site and official page to stay tuned for more news.

As for the games already on the R2 Games platform, Dragon Awaken will release its version 2.5 that will bring a new battle mode. In addition, two new games will be launched in the coming months: Legend of Warship and Vampire Empire, two HTML5 SLGs. Legend of Warship is a wargame set in World War II where the player will be a leader in charge of building an armada and set out to explore and win the war conquering territories. In the Vampire Empire, the player will be transported to Central Europe, where they will join Dracula to fight their way against Werewolves and other creatures to become the King of Vampires. These two games have unique styles and will be very different from mainstream SLGs, which we are sure will call out to players everywhere.

R2 Games is adding games based on the leading H5 technology to their portfolio of popular browser games, proving that the future of online gaming lies in H5 games.

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