Sep 14, 2018 by Aethyna

Pixel Game Maker MV Giveaway

If you have always wanted to create your own 2D game but you have absolutely no coding knowledge, Pixel Game Maker MV is the software you need! Pixel Game Maker MV Giveaway

Developed by the very people behind the successful RPG Maker, Pixel Game Maker MV is an impressive program that allows you to not only easily create fun and beautiful (in their pixel-like way) 2D games; you can do so without having any coding knowledge in the first place! There are plenty of templates to use as well, especially if you don't really like the idea of designing your dream game from scratch.

We were fortunate enough to review Pixel Game Maker MV back in August, and although the interface navigation was a bit rough on the edges, we could see the huge potential this software can provide. If you have a game idea that you are itching to turn into a fully functional game, then Pixel Game Maker MV may just be able to help!

What if we say that you could grab a free copy of Pixel Game Maker MV right now? Well, this is exactly what we're going to do!

Courtesy of AGM Playism, we are now giving away 10 copies of Pixel Game Maker MV (Steam code) and all you need to do to win one for yourself is to follow these FOUR simple steps:

1. Wishlist Pixel Game Maker MV on Steam
2. Like Pixel Game Maker MV's Facebook page
3. Follow Pixel Game Maker MV on Twitter
4. Take a screenshot of all these completed actions* and send all THREE images to us via Facebook message

*Please do not crop, edit or tamper with the screenshots in any way.

The first 10 lucky winners to complete these four easy steps will win themselves a free Steam key for a copy of Pixel Game Maker MV! So, be sure to hustle!

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