Aug 23, 2018 by Aethyna Omega Zodiac Review

Omega Zodiac – 2nd Anniversary Celebration Begins on August 23rd

Let the party begin! Omega Zodiac – 2nd Anniversary Celebration Begins on August 23rd

A MMORPG web game that combines Greek and Nordic mythology - Omega Zodiac is about to celebrate its 2nd anniversary. New events, fashion items and mounts are prepared to be launched in the celebrations. Moreover, if you log in to the game during the anniversary, you will receive a surprise package. Don't miss Omega Zodiac’s 2nd Anniversary!

【Beach event】
This year Omega Zodiac will also re-launch the Beach event. After entering in the map, players will automatically switch to brand new and customizable swimwear and will be able to swim in the water. Lots of new social interactions to play with your friends are waiting to be unveiled for this event. More surprises are waiting for you to discover in the game!

【New fashion for battle】
Cool new fashion items – the Chaos vest will flame while you are on the battlefield, you will look like the powerful warrior you are! More new fashion items will be available for you to take your strength to the next level.

【Maps to explore】
New maps for those who return for the anniversary: The Chaos Sanctuary map and the Molten Crypt map are waiting for you! Welcome back to this mysterious world. Explore the new maps and don't miss the chance to win rare materials!

【Follow Facebook for more gifts】
The surprises don’t end here! Follow Omega Zodiac’s Facebook page during the celebrations and have the opportunity to get beautiful fashions, gift codes, war pets, PVE items and other gifts! Everybody can participate!

Let’s celebrate two years of Omega Zodiac with our players! Awesome events, gifts, and anniversary packages are waiting for you. The celebrations will start on August 23rd. Follow our Facebook page to not miss the reward schedule and the events!

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