Dec 2, 2022 by Aethyna

My Time At Portia Developer Unveils Adorable New Management Sim - ‘Let’s School’

Set to debut on PC in early 2023.

Pathea Games, the studio behind the 2.8 million selling My Time at Portia and My Time at Sandrock, is delighted to announce an all-new cosy and colourful management sim, Let’s School, set to launch early in 2023 on PC.

This approachable yet deep management game invites everyone to don their thinking caps and become the new headteacher for their old school, which has fallen on hard times.

In Let’s School players have the power to control every aspect of their school from initial construction to day-to-day operations. With dozens of different facilities to choose from and hundreds of different teaching apparatus to aid learning, it is up to the player to define what kind of school they want to build and run, with the goal of ensuring every student performs in their exams to secure more funding for the following academic year.

Players really can build their dream school in Let’s School. However even with the best facility in the world, a headteacher’s work is never done as each staff member and pupil has their own interests and motivations which may not gel with your aspirations to climb the schools league table. Choose what associations, sports meetings, morning exercises and other activities are available in-school to enrich or enrage students - all of whom have their own individual preferences and talents. The students’ personalities and relationships should be taken into account to ensure the reputation of the school is maintained - as well as the stress levels of their teachers, of course! There are also dozens of randomly occurring emergencies, contraband and dynamic seasons thrown into the mix, which ensures that no two play sessions will ever feel the same.

“Let’s School is a bit of a departure from what the world knows us for, but after being prototyped by our producer Lanka for 18 months everyone at the studio just fell in love with the project”, said Brand Manager Alice Zhou. "Since then the team has grown substantially to a handful of developers and we’re been blown away by what they’ve been able to achieve. Any fans of management sims are going to get a big kick out of this one”

Add in wide-ranging customisation options, and the engaging story, and we’re just scratching the surface of what takes place in the story-driven campaign which is full of NPCs to meet and off-campus areas to explore. Plenty more details about Let’s School will be revealed prior to launch early 2023.

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