Oct 23, 2020 by Aethyna

Mortal Shell’s Free Rotten Autumn Update Out Now!

Gorf’s new mini-quest awaits you, with ten new Shell shades to discover, plus a Rotting Christ alternative soundtrack and a powerful photo editor - all free from today!

Following the outstanding success of its global release in August, Mortal Shell today receives its first content update, offering a new mini-quest, ten new skins, an alternative soundtrack, and a powerful new photo editor - all for free.

And to mark the occasion, Mortal Shell is now available at a 20% discount for a limited time across the PlayStation Store and the Epic Games Store (a 20% discount will go live on Xbox from October 27th).

The Mortal Shell: Rotten Autumn update centers on Gorf, the humongous verbose amphibian whose enigmatic dialogue and mysterious intentions have stirred imagination within the Mortal Shell community. Players should pay a visit to Gorf after downloading the update to open a new mini-quest.

Those who manage to satisfy Gorf will be rewarded handsomely with up to ten new Shell shades. From Solomon’s Dracula-inspired war-paint to Eredrim’s regal yellow trim, these new skins let players demonstrate their combat mastery in a style that suits.

Also available in the free update is a powerful new photo editor. From the pause menu, players can now access a suite of photo editing tools to create their own gorgeous and gruesome snapshots.

And you can now conquer Mortal Shell’s most fearsome adversaries with an alternative boss fight soundtrack, courtesy of black metal legends Rotting Christ. (Note: the free Rotting Christ alternative soundtrack must be downloaded separately).

“We are incredibly delighted with such a warm reception of Mortal Shell and are forever grateful to the community for all the love and support the game has received,” said Cold Symmetry’s four co-founders - Andrew McLennan-Murray, Anton Gonzalez, Dmitry Parkin, and Vitaly Bulgarov - in a joint statement.

“We’d like to express our gratitude and celebrate the successful launch with you by introducing this extra content that we hope you’ll enjoy!”

Mortal Shell Rotten Autumn comes just ahead of the game’s long-awaited physical release, which comes with an exclusive fold-out poster and softback artbook featuring never-before-seen concept images and character art. Priced at $29.99 (€34.99 / £29.99), this physical edition can be purchased at major participating retailers.

Note: The PC edition of the physical version does not carry a disc - enclosed instead is a key that can be redeemed on the Epic Games Store.

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