Jun 22, 2022 by Aethyna

mixi, Inc. Announces Asym Altered Axis, Cross-genre Asymmetric Multiplayer Game

A one-of-a-kind cross-genre multiplayer game!

mixi, Inc., is excited to announce today their new game Asym Altered Axis, a brand-new asymmetric multiplayer game - a cross-genre battle between Real-time Strategy players versus Co-op Stealth Action players. The studio is gearing up for the first global Alpha test in Fall 2022 on Steam. Start wishlisting and follow the game on Steam and join their Discord server to get notified for upcoming playtests.

Asym Altered Axis pits a real-time strategy player against up to 5 players playing cooperative stealth action. The strategy player sets the deadly stage with a variety of traps and units while the action player team has to then infiltrate the level to steal the valuable Cell Nexus. The battle starts in total darkness with the strategy player searching for the action players from the skies, using the light trails generated from the action players as clues. Once the action players are discovered or the Cell Nexus is stolen, the stage suddenly lights up and all traps come alive, dramatically changing the pace of the game from tense stealth action into a flashy cat-and-mouse chase! Who will prevail: the Action players who can steal the Cell Nexus and successfully escape, or the Strategy player who captures all Action players?

Key Features: The Strategy Player Side
Defend Your Domain With Traps & Units - Strategy players can set their own stage with the Level Editor feature. Fortify your fortress with various traps and units such as watchtowers and AI guards as you prepare to protect your Cell Nexus against the upcoming heist.

Sabotage Puny Infiltrators From On High - The strategy player scours down for the heist crew as a pair of giant hands in a world of their own creation. Hunt for the action players’ glowing trails to track them down.

Annihilate Action Players With Your Arsenal - Along with the many traps at their disposal, the strategy player can also land direct hits to action players with a multitude of skills. Rain fireballs and ice attacks, or unleash carnage with the satellite laser that can annihilate large portions of the stage.

Key Features: The Action Player Side
The Thrill Of Stealthily Pulling Off A Heist - Infiltrate the strategy player’s stage under cover of darkness and steal the precious Cell Nexus undetected. Be cautious not to move around too quickly as this leaves a trail of light exposing you to the enemy.

Play Solo Or Team Up With Up To 5 Players - Quietly infiltrate alone or team up with up to 5 other players. Rescue your downed teammate, or abandon them and escape alone, the choice is yours!

Master Your Weapons & Ultimate Skills - Using a variety of weapons such as smoke grenades and guns can lead the heist to success. By using the ultimate skills, action players can transform into different animals with unique abilities to aid in their mission.

“We’re so excited to share Asym with the world!” said Yas Hayakawa, the producer of Asym Altered Axis. “Asym aims to break down the communication gap between players of different genre preferences and create a space where you and your friends can have fun together. We hope you’ll join our alpha test to experience a completely new cross-genre experience.”

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