Aug 9, 2018 by Aethyna Legend of Junior Review

Let's Get Married: Legend of Junior is Releasing the Marriage System

Met the love of your life in Legend of Junior? Well, you can now marry them in-game! Let's Get Married: Legend of Junior is Releasing the Marriage System

Legend of Junior has gained a lot of attention in Southeast Asia since its launch on 2nd July, reviewed positively by ARPG players and Wuxia fans. Now, Legend of Junior has been online for a month and a new update has been announced, the new version of Legend of Junior will arrive this week.

Legend of Junior stands for its high quality and friendly graphics and it’s easy and free gameplay. Players can live their own epic adventure in the mythological Wuxia world and also learn about the culture. It has been available since the 2nd July, and players can play the game visiting Legend of Junior official website online. Two weeks ago, the Lovers’ Ring was released and many players loved the idea to find a deeper bond with their online friends. To give players more options to socialize with their friends and partners in the game, Legend of Junior is releasing its new version and includes a Marriage system.

Marriage System
The Marriage system has been very anticipated by Legend of Junior’s players. Now, players will have the chance to become partners and experience a whole new adventure with features like proposing to their loved ones, celebrating a wedding feast and even throw a parade in both Chinese and western styles, so it appeals a wide diversity of players. What’s more, there are 6 types of different wedding ceremonies in total to choose from. Exclusive dresses, Titles, and Rewards are ready for the player to collect as they marry their friends.

Treasure System
Are you looking for a special and unique item in the game? Did some Wings, Mounts or Artifacts catch your eye? Then the new Treasure System is what you are waiting for. The Treasure System will give the opportunity to complete the player’s collections with unique and exclusive items. There, players will find rare Wings, Mounts, and Artifacts with different shapes and appearances that will make them more powerful than ever.

Temporary Storage of Extra EXP
Some players have experienced some issues when dealing with the extra EXP that is used to evolve Equipment in the game. This new function will solve all these problems. Legend of Junior now offers a storage for all the extra EXP that will keep it safe for a while. Receive as much EXP as you want and don’t be afraid of losing it.

The unique Wuxia ARPG browser game Legend of Junior has been launched in 2018 and it presents a brand new adventure based on the ancient Chine Wuxia mythology. Become a Martial Arts Artist and create your own legend.

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