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League of Angels III Starts Baking Oktoberfest ‘Bretzels’ While Setting Up 1000th Game Server — What A Year!

So much exciting stuff is going on in League of Angels III, don't miss out! League of Angels III Starts Baking Oktoberfest ‘Bretzels’ While Setting Up 1000th Game Server — What A Year!

League of Angels III threw a full month of 1st-anniversary celebrations throughout August. In a message to fans, from the game’s development team, LOA3 said: “We hope all our players loved the anniversary events last month; it’s been an incredibly busy year but we’ve still got so many new ideas — we’ll keep bringing joy and entertainment to our players.”

With the first anniversary drifting into the warm, hazy memories of a long summer, LOA3 is readying another set of updates to take players seamlessly into the Autumn and ready them for cooler climes; with a very cool “Oktoberfest” special to look forward to next month.


With happy memories of Cologne’s gamescom still fresh in their minds, the LOA3 team is paying homage to legendary German festival, Okoberfest. LOA3 will put on a unique in-game event, including exclusive titles and outfits. There will be Bavarian-themed shenanigans, including “Bretzels”... AKA Beer Pretzels. Apparently, warriors will be able to find and collect beer pretzels which can then be redeemed for rewards in the store! It’s time for Lederhosen, time for a cacophony of concertina music — and, we hope, time for LOA fans to enjoy another great event!

Death by 1000 servers

September will see League of Angels III open its 1000th server. This is — pardon the Oktoberfest puns — not small beer. The game has only just celebrated its 1st anniversary; that’s nearly three new game servers every day since the game launched! Players will be able to participate in the 1000th server event for the chance to win an exclusive in-game title.

New Heroes on the horizon

Fans will have noticed the arrival of Moira towards the end of August. Powerful in attack, Moira is a real asset to her allies and a considerable threat to her foes. Founder of the Tempest Kingdom, Moira is a wise and mighty angel. For September, fans can look forward to the release of another powerful hero – in the form of Kalypso.

New Items incoming

September sees the hotly-anticipated release of all-new in-game items including a Quality-Artifact Relic and a new Type-Charm. These items will begin appearing at some point in September. (Why not let us know in the comments which of these items you like and which you’d like to see more of?)

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