Mar 8, 2018 by Aethyna

League Of Angels II Embraces the Vital Update V3.X.0

A new major update brings tons of new, exciting features to League of Angels II! League Of Angels II Embraces the Vital Update V3.X.0

The hit 3D RPG browser game League of Angels II expanded its vast world with the grand update V3.X.0, which not only enriches the gameplay content, but also offers a wide range of benefits for the new and existing players.

Here are the highlights of the grand update:
• New Welfare: Newbies' 7-Day Carnival; Special Weekly Quests.
• New Chapter: Added 3 chapters in Normal and Elite Dungeons, new nobilities open in corresponding new chapters.
• New Level: Increases the augmentation level limit of the Leader, Heroes, Battle Pets and Relics to Lv.135.
• New Expansion: Hero upgrade and talent upgrade expansion, Awaken level+1, Artifact Hero evolve level+5 and corresponding origin power expansion.
• New Faction City.

The update shows a greatly expanded universe of League of Angels. Players can experience more missions and battles in brand new chapters, each of them preserve the fantastic flavour of the original story. With the raise in level caps, the game offers players more room to challenge their skills and gain abundant rewards.

Starting from March 9th, new players can join in the Newbies' 7-Day Carnival using a special activation code, which has been released in the official forum. The Carnival includes a wealth of precious resources and can help newbies to grow better and stronger. Special Weekly Quests with rich rewards are also here for existing players, including Mythic Hero, Artifact Equipment and a large number of resources.

League of Angels II is a 3D browser MMORPG developed and released by Yoozoo Games, which is recognized by Facebook as one of 2016’s Best Web Games. The game features an innovative battle system that mixes action, strategy, and RPG elements to enable a wide variety of gameplay styles. V3.X.0 will take effect on all servers on March 8th.

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