Dec 6, 2017 by Aethyna

League of Angels 2 Debuts A New Battle Royale Mode

Battle other players to survive on the Isle of Doom! League of Angels 2 Debuts A New Battle Royale Mode

The renowned gameplay mode Battle Royale, frequently found in console and mobile games, finally reaches the browser platform. The hit RPG browser game, League of Angels II, reveals its new 20-player Battle Royale mode “Isle of Doom” today, with the first season starting on 8th December.

Isle of Doom Survival

The story takes the player to the Isle of Doom, once known as Allerac Island. It used to be a beautiful place full of ancient temples, exotic creatures, and home to a bustling Port city. People of all kinds came to see the island's stunning locales. However, on one ominous day, a dark mist appeared and swallowed the entire island along with the sea that surrounds it. Ships that sailed into the mist were never heard of again and not a single person who dared enter it has ever come back to tell of its secrets. No one knows the fate of those on the island, but many believe that the place was cursed and now refer to the island as the Isle of Doom. The Angels are now sending their strongest warriors to uncover the truth behind this tragedy.

Dangerous 10-Minute Matches

By challenging rivals from all servers in seasons, players are sure to face a more fierce battle experience than ever before. Each new season starts on the 8th of each month and will run for 20 days. The event can be accessed daily from 02:00 - 10:00 in the morning and 14:00 - 22:00 in the evening (US Eastern Time). Players can queue up on their own or in pairs. Each match will have 20 players and will last 10 minutes.
- When the match begins, all players will spawn in a random location. Players have 30 seconds of preparation time until the match begins, and they can only move within a small area during this period.
- On the 5-minute mark, a Cursed Mist will appear around the battlefield. Players that stay inside this mist for 10 seconds will die immediately.
- From the 7-minute mark, the Cursed Mist will begin to close in and cover more of the battlefield.
- On the 8-minute mark, a Boss will spawn on the battlefield which, when killed, will drop all types of high quality items.
- On the 9-minute mark, the match changes to Sudden Death mode and players will no longer respawn after being killed.

Division Promotion

Players can kill monsters and other players to level up and get equipment and skills to increase their power. More EXP will be rewarded when killing higher level players Players will also lose EXP when they die and each of their equipment has a 50% chance to lose.

In the first 3 matches of the day, the top 14 players will be promoted while the bottom 6 will not change. Starting from the 4th match of the day, the top 8 ranked players will be promoted, the middle 6 players will not change, and the bottom 6 players will be relegated. There is a reward for reaching a division for the first time in each season. The season and divisions will reset every month.

Access to Isle of Doom opens to players level 85 or higher. If you happen to fall within the group, be sure to head on over to League of Angels 2 now and get yourself ready before the start of this new battle royale season!

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