Jun 29, 2020 by Aethyna

Intergalactic Maker Game ‘Terrorarium’ Launching July 28 on Steam

Leaving Early Access featuring a Story Campaign and an Improved Maker Mode

Hot off its heels of a very successful level design competition, Canadian developers Stitch Media announced today during the MonsterVine: Hot Games Summer Showcase that Terrorarium will be launching out of Early Access on Steam next month, July 28.

Currently in Early Access, Terrorarium is a ‘maker game’ where players can build their own levels - aka murder gardens - as a space granny known only as The Gardener. In the full release launching on July 28, Terrorarium will feature a story campaign as we see her obsessive determination with defeating her lifelong nemesis and winning the blue ribbon from the Intergalactic Horrorcultural Society.

The launch version will also feature 200+ community-built levels from those participating in the level design competition earlier this year. “We’re in awe of the sheer skill and talent that has been on display by the Early Access community,” says Adam Bradley, lead designer on Terrorarium “and as a team we can’t wait to see what players will come up with next!”

Other improvements to the game include quality of life, stability, and bug fixes. Murder Gardeners past, present, and future are invited to join the dev team in the Terrorarium Discord Server in the leadup to launch.

Terrorarium is scheduled to release on Steam for Windows July 28, 2020.

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