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Honeycomb Aeronautical Teams Up With MAINGEAR to Build A Performance PC Specifically for Flight Simulation

Honeycomb By MAINGEAR will complement the new range of flight simulation products and it comes with pre-installed with X-Plane 11. Honeycomb Aeronautical Teams Up With MAINGEAR to Build A Performance PC Specifically for Flight Simulation

Honeycomb Aeronautical, a leader in professional-grade flight simulation hardware and a snakebyte® brand, announced today that they are teaming with MAINGEAR, innovators in custom PC’s, to deliver Honeycomb by MAINGEAR, a desktop PC built specifically for flight simulation.

The Honeycomb by MAINGEAR has been built to cope with the demands of a complex flight sim installation, including triple-monitor support and built in USB hub to support the requirement of connecting multiple components including yoke, throttle, rudder pedals and panels. Optimized for the popular X-Plane 11, which comes pre-installed with the PC, Honeycomb by MAINGEAR ensures a frustration free, plug-and-play experience.

“MAINGEAR has long been the obvious choice for those who demand premium performance, and their PC‘s are well known for their build quality and exceptional power. We’re delighted to work with MAINGEAR in delivering the ideal specification for the flight simulation community,” said Nicki Repenning, CEO of snakebyte USA. “When partnered with our Honeycomb range, enthusiasts have a turn-key solution, able to jump-on-in to the action with very few barriers and all the while delivering a superlative experience.”

Wallace Santos, CEO of MAINGEAR, commented, “We’ve been hugely impressed at the innovation and quality of the forthcoming Honeycomb range and we’re convinced that enthusiasts will be excited to get their hands on the new hardware. Those who invest in flight simulation deserve a flawless experience and our new Honeycomb by MAINGEAR PC aims to deliver just that.”

Honeycomb Aeronautical creates professional grade simulation hardware, designed and developed by pilots and flight engineers in California, USA. The company has engineered its range using genuine aerospace components and the same internal mechanics used in premium certified simulators approved by the FAA for flight training use.

The first products in the range include the Yoke and Switch Panel and the Bravo Throttle System with Auto Pilot & Annunciation Panel, both of which are high-end modular components which integrate seamlessly with other brands of flight simulation hardware, offering a simple way for enthusiasts to enhance their system without worrying about compatibility issues.

The Honeycomb by MAINGEAR range, as well as the forthcoming Honeycomb Aeronautical products will be available for viewing by appointment only at the MAINGEAR suite located at the Cosmopolitan™ Hotel at CES 2019 starting January 8th, 2019.

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