Jun 22, 2022 by Aethyna

Hell Pie Hooks Up with Electric Callboy for the Ultimate Metal Collaboration

Adding metal to metal!

Headup and Sluggerfly are pleased to announce a collaboration with Electric Callboy, the award-winning metal band known for their hilarious tracks and music videos, for upcoming 3D platformer Hell Pie. Fusing Hell Pie and Electric Callboy’s shared love of all things metal, the collaboration will see four skins included in the game based on the band’s latest songs.

The skins will be based on the mullet-heavy Hypa Hypa, the head-pumping We Got The Moves, the gym-core extravaganza Pump It and the sci-fi-suited song that is Spaceman and will complement Hell Pie’s offbeat and spectacularly funny flavour perfectly.

Hell Pie is an old-school-inspired, heavy metal infused 3D platformer that takes bad taste to the next level. You grab the horns of Nate, the 'Demon of Bad Taste', tasked with gathering the disgusting ingredients for Satan's infamous birthday pie. Venture out into the overworld and do whatever it takes to ensure those ingredients are secured in time, or there'll be hell to pay!

Luckily Nate isn't alone on this quest, with his 'pet' angel Nugget ready and able to offer support. Nugget offers his holy insight when needed but, more importantly, is chained to Nate, so he can be used as a grappling hook or swung around as a weapon. Nate can also equip horns he finds across the world to give him new hellish abilities, from charging through enemies and boulders , to gliding through the air. Together, Nate and Nugget will explore wild environments, meet tons of unsavoury enemies and characters, and witness some truly shocking sights in the seriously twisted take on the classic mascot platformer.

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