Oct 5, 2017 by Aethyna Fairy Tail Review

Gumi Inc. And Kodansha Enchant Players With Brave Frontier X Fairy Tail Collaboration

What's better than having one anime game? Having a game with TWO equally awesome cast of anime characters!

gumi Inc., is delighted to announce Brave Frontier’s officially authorized collaboration with Kodansha’s Fairy Tail - the enchanting hit manga series by Hiro Mashima that has amassed several million fans worldwide.

The collaboration commences from September 28th to October 26th, where characters from the Fairy Tail series will cross over into the world of Brave Frontier. Details of the limited-time collaboration are as follows:

❖ NEW Collaboration Units

Summon these exclusive Fairy Tail characters for a limited time during the collaboration period:
Natsu Dragneel, a dragon slaying wizard immune to fire on a journey to find the dragon Igneel, who raised and trained him.
Lucy Heartfilia, a celestial wizard capable of summoning spirits by opening otherworldly gates. An aspiring writer, Lucy’s dream is to write a book based on her exciting adventures in the guild.
Gray Fullbuster, an ice-moulding wizard whose magical power allows him to create objects and weapons of different sizes out of ice.
Erza Scarlet, the best female wizard in Fairy Tail. Her ability to instantly switch between weapons and armor allows her to fight effectively in hand-to-hand combat.
Mard Geer Tartaros, a highly skilled, crafty and arrogant tactician who’s best known as the member of the dark guild Tartaros.

❖ Collaboration Dungeon: “Fairy Tail” (October 6th - October 11th)

Battle against all four Fairy Tail wizards, Natsu, Lucy, Gray and Erza in the “Fairy Tail” dungeon and obtain rare Lacrima Crystals to craft these exclusive Fairy Tail spheres:
➢ Silver Key - an embellished looking silver key imbued with a mysterious power.
➢ Gold Key - a key gilded in gold, it seems suffused with an inexplicable power.
➢ Diamond Key - a solemn looking key decorated with diamond, it seems suffused with an incomprehensible power.

❖ Collaboration Dungeon: “The Underworld” (October 13th to October 19th)

Challenge Mard Geer - the Underworld King and obtain items to craft Book of E.N.D, a magical tome closely guarded by Mard Geer! Defeat Mard Geer in his final form in the third mission, “Tartaros”” to acquire him as a new unit!

❖ Login and Milestone Campaigns

Log in daily during the collaboration period to enjoy 25 days of rewards, including exclusive Fairy Tail sphere materials, Gems and Summon Tickets.

Work together with fellow Summoners to chalk up the number of clears for the “The Underworld” vortex dungeon. Hit the milestone clears and obtain Crystal Sets, Sphere Frog, Omni+ Materials and 1 Summon Ticket!

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