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Gloomhaven’s Largest Early Access Update: Become A Guildmaster!

Guildmaster Update Trailer: free roster management, revamped out-of-dungeon experience, reworked tutorial, new Cave biome, online co-op multiplayer beta, and more. Also available with a 25% discount during Steam’s Summer Sales.

Asmodee Digital, a leader in video game entertainment inspired by board games, is proud to announce the release of Gloomhaven’s Guildmaster Update. This is a major milestone during the game’s Early Access on Steam (PC), paving the way for the full digital experience at launch that will include the original board game campaign.

The Guildmaster Update leverages all the precious feedback provided by our community so far during Early Access, improving several major features while also adding new highly-requested ones:

- Build your guild: manage freely your roster of mercenaries at any point of your adventure.
- Revamped out-of-dungeon experience with 90 new challenging missions.
- Reworked tutorial for a smoother streamlined introduction to gameplay mechanics.
- New cave biome and its monsters.
- Online co-op multiplayer launched in closed-beta, followed by an open beta later this summer.

Thanks to the dedication of the Flaming Fowl Studios’ team developing the game, Gloomhaven’s Guildmaster Update delivers a better in-game experience for veterans and new players alike. The game is available with a 25% discount during Steam’s Summer Sales (18,74 € / $18.74).

Gloomhaven, from board game to digital: the masterpiece of Tactical RPG

As a board game, Gloomhaven has raised 4,4 million USD on Kickstarter thanks to more than 45 000 backers.

Designed by Isaac Childres, the Gloomhaven board game has been acclaimed by both players and critics alike, achieving the highest rating on BoardGameGeek and winning six Golden Geek awards, including “BoardGame of the Year” in 2017.

The digital adaptation, developed by Flaming Fowl Studios, is currently available in Early Access on Steam.

The Guildmaster Update

The previous Adventure mode has been reworked and replaced. As a Guildmaster, players will take control of a Guild of Mercenaries seeking to make a lot of money by reopening trade routes while everyone else is too afraid to do it. Players are now able to actively change their mercenary roster whenever they unlock a new slot or when a new mercenary is available. This allows players to try more easily new team compositions and optimize the most efficient, and fun, synergies.

Long-term world map gameplay has also been improved with new objectives and goals. That’s why we also added over 90 new challenging missions to liberate areas of the map, uncover mercenaries’ background stories, unlock powerful items, or simply earn extra gold pieces as hired blades.

Besides, those brave enough to venture into the depths of the new “Cave” biome will encounter five ferocious new monsters — Cave Bear, Spitting Drake, Rending Drake, Viper, and Stone Golem — and their elite versions.

To help new players discover Gloomhaven’s deep tactical experience, we reworked the tutorial for a smoother and more streamlined introduction to the core gameplay mechanics, while also introducing some advanced mechanics specific to each mercenary.

The highly-requested online multiplayer co-op mode is available in closed beta starting today, with access granted through our official Community Discord server on the dedicated channel. It will be available during the summer in open beta. Players will then be able to play with friends by opting-in on Steam in the beta branch. This step-by-step approach aims at ensuring optimal stability for a critical part of the Gloomhaven’s experience.

Early Access roadmap: a community journey

The team at Asmodee Digital and Flaming Fowl Studios are huge fans of the original board game and are striving to offer the best digital Gloomhaven experience possible. To this end, we launched the game in Early Access, allowing our team to fine-tune and improve the game based on players’ feedback. Working together with the community, the team is confident the digital Gloomhaven experience will do justice to the masterpiece board game we all love.

The team is aware that this is just the beginning of a journey, hand in hand with the Gloomhaven community, and not the final product. Content and features are added regularly, new bugs solved as they are discovered. The team aims to help introduce more and more people to discover and enjoy the depth of Gloomhaven’s gameplay, without compromising the original experience.

The team has strong ambitions for the digital Gloomhaven game. We’re getting closer to the original board game campaign scheduled for the game’s full launch thanks to these reworks and massive changes. The updated roadmap showcases the future updates and content, including the full online co-op multiplayer and The City biome, both coming in Q3. From gloom, only greed and death emerge!

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