Jan 8, 2018 by Aethyna

Dark-World Adventure RPG Honor Against Darkness Launches its Open Beta

Be among the first to start your epic journey and get yourself a USD$20 newbie gift!

Mobile Game publisher, Rastar Games, is excited to announce the open beta of its new mobile RPG, Honor against Darkness. It is now available for download in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Singapore, and Philippines - with both English and Chinese versions. Honor Against Darkness features unique dark-themed 3D graphics and a massive, mysterious world for players to explore.

Honor Against Darkness is set in a fantasy world, on the continent of Valni in particular, that is in the midst of being invaded by a corrupted elf queen.

An honorable elf tried to stand in her way, but with little success as he was later defeated. His soul and remains are now sealed in the legendary Eros lamps. To regain power and save the continent, players will need to journey across the lands to search for the 27 lamps. By collecting different lamps, characters will be able to morph into different gods.

Powered by Unity 3D, Honor Against Darkness has crafted an epic dark world with stunning 3D graphics. Players will get to select their class (Warrior, Archer, or Mage) and start their journey. With hundreds of powerful weapons, pets, and mounts to collect and customize, this game has hours of entertainment to offer.

The Honor Against Darkness open beta begins today. To celebrate, bundles of 20 USD newbie gifts are being sent out. Start your epic journey into the darkness today!

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