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Blue Potion’s ‘Echo of Soul Online’ is Now Available on Steam Early Access

You can now play Echo of Soul Online on Steam! Blue Potion’s ‘Echo of Soul Online’ is Now Available on Steam Early Access.

Blue Potion (CEO Shin Hyeongeun) has launched global service of ‘Echo of Soul Online’ through Steam Early Access on December 6, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. PST.

Blue Potion announced the pricing on Steam prior to the release of the Early Access version. There are four packages: $8.99 Basic, $18.99 Deluxe Package, $38.99 Silver Edition Package and $48.99 Gold Edition Package. The Basic Package is available in Early Access release. And the Deluxe Package is a DLC version, including Premium Plus Buff, Pet Box, and 1,000 Soul Gem. The Silver Edition Package consists of Costume Set, Remote Marketplace, and 5,000 Soul Gem added to Deluxe Package offers. Lastly, the Gold Edition Package provides 30-days Mount and 10,000 Soul Gem with Silver Edition Package offers. As a limited time launch event, every package is on a 40% discount.

In this Early Access version, players can experience seven types of classes and play up to level 74. Moreover, players are able to enjoy a variety of content such as various skills, PVP, PVE, and Dungeon.

“’Echo of Soul Online’ is the first stage of a global project starting from North and South America, and at the same time it will abandon existing pay-to-win method and offer various contents for global users with a new game and pricing mode,” Blue Potion’s producer, Jo Jeongik, said.

For more information about the release of Blue Potion’s ‘Echo of Soul Online’ on Steam Early Access, visit

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