Jun 10, 2021 by Aethyna

Asmodee Digital widens its portfolio by publishing two new games, Ember Knights and Innchanted

Ember Knights, an action rogue-lite developed by Tiny Titan Studios, and Innchanted, an Inn Management Coop Adventure developed by DragonBear Studios, Coming Soon to PC and Consoles

Asmodee Digital, a leading video games publisher, today announced that it will be publishing two new titles with a cooperative multiplayer focus: Ember Knights and Innchanted. The action rogue-lite, Ember Knights, will release in Early Access on Steam in Fall 2021, followed by its full release on Steam, and consoles at a later date. Innchanted, the magical inn management co-op game, is coming soon to PC and consoles.

“We’re ecstatic to be publishing these creative and colorful titles from two extremely talented studios,” said Pierre Ortolan, CEO of Asmodee Digital. “As we’re expanding our roster of titles with new worlds to explore and stories to tell, it’s only fitting that these two new games are charming co-op experiences that also encourage more players to join in and enliven the experience for everyone. As we team up with Tiny Titans Studios and DragonBear Studios, we look forward to gamers finding their own partners to bring along for their own in-game adventures. These two games reward sound and quick decision-making, their multiplayer co-op focus delivering fun and engaging experiences to share with your friends & family!”.

Ember Knights

Developed by Tiny Titans Studios, Ember Knights is an action multiplayer rogue-lite dungeon crawler in which up to four players will play as the titular Ember Knights to save multiple worlds from utter destruction. Ember Knights features pixel art visuals and boasts a variety of weapons, magical abilities and upgrades, tons of bosses and enemies to fill out the game’s diverse worlds. With procedurally generated dungeons, the gameplay stays fresh through every playthrough.

Combinations between weapons, magic and combat skills, perks and relics, offer diverse tactical choices to players when facing different maps, enemies and bosses. Innovating on the rogue-lite genre, Ember Knights is designed with multiplayer in mind, allowing friends to party up in local or online co-op up to four players to test their skills as a squad. A brand new teaser trailer for Ember Knights can be viewed here.

Fans can look forward to the game’s Early Access launch in Fall 2021, followed by its full release on PC and consoles at a later date. In the meantime, fans can download the demo now and add the game to their wishlists on Steam.


Developed by DragonBear Studios from Australia, Innchanted is a team co-op adventure where players brew potions, cook meals, deter monsters and serve customers before they get innpatient. Players must stop the evil Wizard from causing chaos and claiming the Inn as his own. Pass the Wizard's challenge and make the Inn a roaring success!

Innchanted is a coop multiplayer games for friends and family. Manage your magical Inn surrounded by an unique Australian-Indigenous universe filled with culture and community.

Already recognized internationally through early preview versions of the game, Innchanted was selected as Australia’s finalist for UKIE’s EuroPlay Games Contest at Gamescom 2020. A brand new trailer for Innchanted can be viewed here.

Innchanted is coming soon to PC and consoles, and fans who are excited to begin their inn management career can add the game to their Steam wishlists here.

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