Apr 12, 2019 by Aethyna

Asmodee Digital Updates Terraforming Mars with Major Improvements Based on Players’ Feedback

Improvements include the addition of Draft Variant as well as game mechanics and interface tweaks. Asmodee Digital Updates Terraforming Mars with Major Improvements Based on Players’ Feedback

Terraforming Mars is updated with the Draft Variant offering players even deeper strategic options, along with major improvements to the UI and game mechanics thanks to feedback provided by players.

“We want to provide the best experience to the Terraforming Mars community. Thanks to the insights provided by players, significant improvements are delivered with this update. We also have included the Draft Variant many advanced players have requested, offering new options for those willing to explore additional layers of strategy. We do believe strong communities supporting major complex and rich games such as Terraforming Mars deserve our best efforts beyond the game launch. That’s why we think that Terraforming Mars delivers the enjoyment and pleasure the fans deserve”, says Pierre Ortolan, CEO of Asmodee Digital.

Draft Variant
Each player gets four cards and chooses to draft one and then puts aside the others. He then passes the three other cards to the next player and so on. The process continues until all the cards drawn have been drafted.

The Draft Variant introduces a strategic layer by allowing the player and their opponents to draft a more customized hand of cards and play smartly by preventing other players from getting the cards they want.

The Draft Variant is available for both online multiplayer mode and hotseat, as well as for the solo mode.


A new feature, available at any moment during the game, allows the player to pause their current action and check the information they need before making their decision.

Players can see and compare the score of each player by mousing over the Milestone or Award icons, allowing them to see the impact of their potential actions and thus supporting their decision process.

Game mechanics:
• AI improvements including solving the freezing issues.
• Online improvements including solving the desynchronization issues.
• Fixing the Awards calculation bugs.

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