New Game Added: Moana Island Life

by Aethyna Mar 31, 2017
Play the role of a wayfinder and set up a new home for your tribe on a beautiful yet mysterious island in this fun village building/farm simulation game, Moana Island Life! Do you have what it takes to help Moana build a prosperous and happy village for your people? Play Moana Island Life and find out! Oceana market in Moana Island Life Moana Island Life: Farm Moana Island Life: Travel to other islands Read More

New Game Added: Perfect World International

by Richard Mar 30, 2017
Perfect World is an “old but gold” MMORPG where players can choose a race and class before embarking on a grand adventure. The game features a massive world to explore. Players can unlock more features in the game such as pets, weapons and gear by completing quests and/or leveling up. Perfect World: Ancient boa mount Character customization in Perfect World Perfect World: A breathtaking world Read More

New Game Added:

by Aethyna Mar 29, 2017
Customize your tank to your liking and head straight into a KingDM or Conquest match to battle it out with other players worldwide in! Featuring a variety of tank abilities to deploy, this tank game has a pretty deep and strategic gameplay in addition to being addictively fun to play. First kill Customization preview in Conquest game mode Read More

Forge of Empires: Spring Events Start Today!

by Aethyna Mar 29, 2017
Attend the beautiful Cherry Blossom Festival and start collecting Sky Essences now! Forge of Empires's Spring Events Start Today! Read More

New Article Added: Kinguin: The Largest Alternative Games Marketplace

by Aethyna Mar 28, 2017
Buying great games has never been cheaper or more convenient with Kinguin, the largest alternative games marketplace! Kinguin: The Largest Alternative Games Marketplace preview image Read More

Fight the Zombie Horde in Last Empire: War Z Now!

by Aethyna Mar 27, 2017
Do you have what it takes to not only survive in a zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic world, but also to thrive there? Fight the Zombie Horde in Last Empire: War Z Now! Read More

New Game Added: Jewel Academy

by Aethyna Mar 27, 2017
Unlike most over-the-top match-3 games, Jewel Academy doesn’t believe in using crazy power-ups to get out of tight spots while playing a level... or having an in-app store for that matter. Instead, you have to rely on yourself, your puzzle-solving brain, and your matching skills to complete the tougher levels. Jewel Academy: Special gems Tricky level in Jewel Academy Jewel Academy: Flowers Read More

Wild Terra Releases the Great Update of 8.25

by Aethyna Mar 27, 2017
Featuring a brand new zone to explore, combat system improvements and more, the great update of 8.25 will definitely keep you hooked for hours on end! Wild Terra Releases the Great Update of 8.25 Read More

New Game Added: Infernals - Heroes of Hell

by Adeaphon Mar 26, 2017
In the future, there world is at war with the forces of hell. You are one of the few survivors and you must find Heroes to fight beside you. Everything you know is gone, or changed and each day is a fight to live. In this stunning RPG you are able to create teams, battle monsters and other players for loot and enjoy a thrilling experience. Infernals - Heroes of Hell Character Screen Eternal Battle in Infernals - Heroes of Hell PvP in Infernals - Heroes of Hell Read More

New Game Added: Lunaria Story

by Richard Mar 25, 2017
Featuring a cutesy 2D, side-scrolling adventure in a colorful world, Lunaria Story is an MMORPG that offers an easy to play gameplay and runs on a browser without the need to download additional game files. You can ease your grinding with the AFK mode and auto-pathfinding makes completing quests easier. Lunaria Story: Combo effects Beautiful wings in Lunaria Story Lunaria Story: Experience trial Read More
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