New Game Added: Garfield: Survival of the Fattest

by Kim May 30, 2016
Jon is trying to get fit so he joins a Diet Camp and he’s taking Garfield with him. Help Garfield survive this ordeal by letting him eat as much junk food as he can in Garfield: Survival of the Fattest. Complete enough quests and unlock the other colorful characters from the beloved comic book! Garfield: Survival of the Fattest -- new task garfield works out in Garfield: Survival of the Fattest Garfield: Survival of the Fattest: odie the dog Read More

Vote for Wild Terra on Steam Greenlight

by Aethyna May 28, 2016
You can play your favorite hardcore survival MMORPG on Steam... if you vote for it now! Vote for Wild Terra on Steam Greenlight Read More

New Game Added: Rush Team

by Kim May 27, 2016
Gear up for a fast-paced and gripping first-person shooter in Rush Team. Join matches against other players and eliminate enemies with your weapon of choice. Form epic teams and brilliant strategies to rise up the ranks. Get your shooting fix here in Rush Team today! rifle in Rush Team Rush Team: VIP rifle fire axe attack in Rush Team Read More

New Game Added: Eternal Chaos

by Aethyna May 27, 2016
Reborn from the fallen God of Wars, you are given another chance to take on the Abyss Lord and to stop his minions from plunging the entire realm into an eternal chaos! The journey will be perilous, but you are the only one who can save the world. Will you pick up this great responsibility? Eternal Chaos: Manhunt Hero Trial in Eternal Chaos Eternal Chaos: Horse mount Read More

League of Angels 2: College Video and Cosplay Contest

by Aethyna May 27, 2016
Want to win up to $25,000? Here’s how! League of Angels 2: College Video and Cosplay Contest Read More

Welcoming Virtual World Games 3D into the Fold

by Aethyna May 26, 2016
Let’s give our sister website, Virtual World Games 3D, a huge warm welcome! Royal Story on Virtual World Games 3D Read More

New Game Added: England Soccer League

by Kim May 26, 2016
Form your own soccer team and start an exciting match in England Soccer League. Guide each player score a goal while following the rules of the game. Use keyboard controls to maneuver kicks, tackles to deliver the ball into a winning goal. Score high points and conquer the world of soccer! goal area in England Soccer League England Soccer League: changing players scoring a goal in England Soccer League Read More

New Game Added: Sqwishland

by Kim May 25, 2016
Explore the fun and colorful world of Sqwishland! Explore the jungle, forest, farm and the city to meet new friends, play games and earn money. Dress up your avatar or spice up your home with items from the many shops around Sqwishland. Play today and start the adventure! Sqwishland home beach disco in Sqwishland Sqwishland sqwiver Read More

Support Niche on Kickstarter

by Aethyna May 25, 2016
Virtual animal breeding has never been ever more realistic with Niche! Support Niche on Kickstarter Read More

New Game Added: Magic Seasons: Fair of Wonders

by Kim May 24, 2016
Discover magic and wonder in all four seasons with this simple but enchanting building game. In Magic Seasons : Fair of Wonders, you’ll have a blast collecting magic wands, leaves and snowflakes to build toys, castles and other delightful things to grow a lively Spring, Summer or Winter scene. Wonder Fair in Magic Seasons: Fair of Wonders Magic Seasons: Fair of Wonders winter meadow visiting a friend's glade in Magic Seasons: Fair of Wonders Read More
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