Sketch Tales: Drawing is Magic

by Aethyna May 29, 2015
Immerse yourself in a realm where what you draw becomes what you play. Here, creativity is power and imagination your weapon! Search for sketches, unlock new animations and functions, as well as have fun designing adventures for both you and your friends/ family to enjoy! Sketch Tales Read More

New Article Added: Goodgame Studios

by Aethyna May 28, 2015
Goodgame Studios is Germany’s leading free-to-play, online games development and publishing company that specializes in the ballooning free-to-play market! The company offers more than 10 games in 25 languages, including their hit MMO strategy game, Goodgame Empire, and has over 260 million registered users worldwide! Goodgame Studios preview image Read More

New Game Added: Dragon Pals

by Aethyna May 28, 2015
Save and recruit dragons to your cause to push back the tides of demons that threaten the realm in this exciting browser-based MMORPG, Dragon Pals! Complete quests, run dungeons and participate in PvP tourneys to show that you are the best dragon pal in this game! Try it for free today! Dragon Pals: A mean jinn Flying free in Dragon Pals Dragon Pals: Skeletal dragon Read More

New Article Added: Virtual Sports Games

by Aethyna May 28, 2015
It doesn't matter if you’re into soccer, American football, racing, basketball or even good old baseball – if you love sports in real life, you will surely enjoy its virtual counterpart in games! So, if you're at lost as to which sports games to play, hopefully this article will be able to help you! Virtual Sports Games preview image Read More

Support Starfighter Inc on Kickstarter

by Aethyna May 27, 2015
From the minds who have given us amazing triple A games such as X-Wing, Far Cry, Tomb Raider, Homefront, Crysis and Desert Combat comes this new idea of a tactical, team-based MMO space warfare game named Starfighter Inc! Developed by Impeller Studios, a new startup set up by these veterans of the gaming industry, the company is trying to kickstart the production of Starfighter Inc and they need your help! Check out the video and read on to see what Starfighter Inc is all about! Who knows? You may love it so much that you are motivated to pledge to the cause too! Support Starfighter Inc on Kickstarter Read More

New Game Added: Kingsroad

by Aethyna May 27, 2015
Play all 3 of the character classes available and enjoy the challenging dungeon fights that Kingsroad has to offer! You’ll need all your wits and reflexes with you as you dodge enemy spells or abilities and prevent yourself from being penned in by mobs. If you love dungeon crawling games, then you should try Kingsroad today! Archer class in Kingsroad Kingsroad: wizard combat Cool character skins in Kingsroad Read More

New Game Added: Pepper Panic Saga

by Aethyna May 27, 2015
Join Pepper Puppy in his quest to explode as many peppers as he can in this match-3 game with a twist – Pepper Panic Saga! Grow the peppers big enough and unleash a flurry of explosions to activate the crazy Pepper Panic mode! Are you on fire yet? No? Hop into Pepper Panic Saga to get yourself hot and smoking now! Frozen peppers in Pepper Panic Saga Exploding peppers in Pepper Panic Saga Pepper Panic Saga: Obstacles Read More

New Game Added: AD2460

by Aethyna May 27, 2015
Explore the space, the stars and beyond in AD2460, a free-to-play, browser-based science-fiction/space-themed MMORTS! Collect resources, set up outposts, research technologies and form alliances with fellow like-minded leaders of other nations! Do you think you have what it takes to dominate the universe? Neotech artillery in AD2460 AD2460: Strontech weaponry Space station in AD2460 Read More

New Game Added: Papa Pear Saga

by Aethyna May 27, 2015
Join Papa Pear, the crash-helmet-and-goggles-wearing bearded fruit, as he bounce his way across a minefield of acorns, carrots, and other assorted fruits and vegetables to finally crash land into the buckets below! This game offers a nice twist to the classic Peggle game from PopCap! Try it now! Flowers in Papa Pear Saga Papa Pear Saga: Knock them off Nuts in Papa Pear Saga Read More

New Game Added: Travian: Kingdoms

by Aethyna May 27, 2015
Play as a governor of a great town or as the king of a mighty and prosperous kingdom in Travian sequel, Travian: Kingdoms! Enjoy totally different gameplays depending with tribe you choose, namely the defensive Gauls, the elite Romans or the warlike Teutons, and which role in the game world you’ve decided to play as! Teuton attacker in Travian Kingdoms Travian Kingdoms: Developed city Robber hideout in Travian Kingdoms Read More
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