New Game Added: Solitaire Chronicles

by Aethyna Mar 31, 2015
Hop from one time period to another throughout the centuries with your loyal companion, Sparky, to feast your eyes on the scenery and to experience that sense of adventure! Enjoy fun games of Solitaire along the way to fuel your time travel balloon so you can go further! Solitaire Chronicles: Ribbon pattern Hand fan in Solitaire Chronicles Solitaire Chronicles: combos galore Read More

New Game Added: Diggle

by Aethyna Mar 31, 2015
Blast your way through the blocks of gems in this fun-filled underground adventure where you get to play as a very hardworking mole! Create fire bombs by making long matches to bust your way through the level goals or you could even buy boosters to help you do so! Set off a fabulous chain of explosion today in Diggle! Diggle: No blues here Fire bomb in Diggle Diggle: Diamonds Read More

New Game Added: Mahjong Duels

by Aethyna Mar 30, 2015
Challenge other mahjong players to a duel in this competitive mahjong game! The gameplay in Mahjong Duels is uniquely different and offers a fresh new perspective to this classic game. There are plenty of scenes that you can unlock and power-ups to buy to give yourself an edge! Play it now! Mahjong Duels: Pyramid formation Sunrise in Egypt in Mahjong Duels Mahjong Duels: Maze Read More

New Game Added: Farm Heroes Saga

by Aethyna Mar 30, 2015
In this game, you are in charge of harvesting the cropsies and driving the mischievous Rancid the raccoon from the farm. Boost up your adorable cropsies via the multiplier system with every match you make and enjoy the various challenging levels in Farm Heroes Saga! Farm Heroes Saga High Stacks Flowers Level in Farm Heroes Saga Farm Heroes Saga Ice Level Read More

New Game Added: The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

by Aethyna Mar 30, 2015
In this whimsical game, you’ll invade other people’s castles, avoid traps, kill monsters and steal their loot in a top-down, true dungeon-crawler fashion! With your ill-gotten gains, you can increase the defenses of your castle to give would-be thieves who enter your castle a run for your money! The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot: Knight gameplay Archer in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot: Boss fight Read More

New Game Added: Dragon Nest

by Aethyna Mar 28, 2015
Save the beautiful and fantastical world of Alteria from the dragon menace in Dragon Nest by improving your character as well as you can and taking on the dragons in their home ground with your team of heroes! You can collect the many adorable mounts and pets or even set up a thriving business at the marketplace too! Sorcerer in Dragon Nest Dragon Nest: pet Armored horse in Dragon Nest Read More

New Game Added: Agency 33

by Aethyna Mar 28, 2015
Use your keen eyesight to uncover the conspiracy within the agency by searching for clues in the agency’s various safe house locations! Everybody at the agency is either dead or missing – you are the agency’s only hope to foil the cataclysmic plans of the enemy and save Agency 33! The clock is ticking... so play it now! Agency 33: Library The scientist in Agency 33 Fringe hut in Agency 33 Read More

New Game Added: Highway Racer

by Aethyna Mar 27, 2015
Get set... ready... and GO! Race your way to victory, fame and fortune in this thrilling highway racing game! Play against other players or go solo in the game's many different game modes! Buy new cars or upgrade your old one using the money you've earned from playing either game modes! Overtaking a lorry in Highway Racer Sleek silver car in Highway Racer Highway Racer: Heavy traffic Read More

New Game Added: Family Farm

by Aethyna Mar 26, 2015
Enjoy this relaxing and beautifully-rendered farm game, Family Farm! Plant, grow and harvest your crops, collect produce from your farm animals and send them for processing at the goods production buildings! Sell your goods to earn money! Sunflowers in Family Farm Family Farm: horses Beautiful harvest in Family Farm Read More

New Game Added: Toy Blast

by Aethyna Mar 26, 2015
Match the same color cubes under the toys and try to bring the toys down to the ground. With every chapter you will encounter new toys and new challenges. Are you ready to have some fun? Toy Blast: Rocket toy Purple cubes in Toy Blast Toy Blast: Sideways rotor Read More
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