New Game Added: Mythborne

by Aethyna Dec 31, 2014
Pandora’s Box has been opened, and there is chaos and destruction in the mortal world. It falls to you as a chosen hero to stop the Seven Powers from bringing an end to the world you know. With your strength and allies it is time to take the fight to the enemy! Mythborne Orc Serpent in Mythborne Mythborne Exploring Read More

New Game Added: Indy Cat

by Aethyna Dec 30, 2014
Join Indy as he adventures through time trying to recover the Ball of Fate. On your journey you will find a huge range of fun Match 3 Games with new challenges, special gems and a lot of fun waiting for you. Indy Cat Shells Level Statues and Locks in Indy Cat Indy Cat Runes Level Read More

New Article Added: Guilds in MMO Games

by Adeaphon Dec 29, 2014
We often see the term guild but what does being in a guild really mean, and what do they do for you as a player, and the game as a whole? In this article we will try to answer these questions. Guilds in MMO Games  preview image Read More

New Article Added: Ubisoft Entertainment

by GamingApe Dec 28, 2014
One of the hottest names in the Gaming world today. Presented to you is a quick review of the company that brought you Prince of Persia, Assassins creed, Rayman and many more. Ubisoft Entertainment preview image Read More

New Game Added: Sword Saga

Dec 28, 2014
Discover a world at war for the powerful and precious Starmoon Crystal. By saving a girls life you begin an adventure that will take you all over the world and reveal the darkness lurking below the surface. Sword Saga Guard Captain Combat in Sword Saga Sword Saga Dungeon Boss Read More

New Survey Added: 2015 Most Anticipated Games

Dec 25, 2014
We Collected some of the best games expected in 2015, and we're leaving it up to you!

Which of these games are you most excited about?
2015 Most Anticipated Games - Survey Option 1 2015 Most Anticipated Games - Survey Option 2 2015 Most Anticipated Games - Survey Option 3 Read More

New Game Added: Soldiers Inc

Dec 25, 2014
Build a forward base and hire the toughest mercenaries for your shadowy employers in a corporate run future. Build your base and forces up and plunder the resources of the the land of Zandia for yourself. Soldiers Inc Flamethrower Full Base in Soldiers Inc Soldiers Inc Sappers Read More

New Game Added: Township

Dec 24, 2014
Build yourself a beautiful city full of homes and fun buildings for your residents in a brilliant virtual simulation game. Look after your population and keep them happy as they walk the streets of your very own amazing 3D city. Township Castle Beach Resort in Township Township Ready for Collection Read More

New Game Added: Shadowbound

by Aethyna Dec 23, 2014
The world is plunging into darkness as the forces of shadow and darkness creep across the land. For generations adventurers have sought the Mystic Artifact, and it finally falls to you a Mighty Hero. With its power you must turn the tide and enter the world of Shadowbound to stop the forces of evil. Shadowbound Dragon Guardian in Shadowbound Shadowbound Demon Read More

New Game Added: Fantage

by Aethyna Dec 22, 2014
Chat and meet new friends, dress your avatar up fashionably and explore the huge and beautiful virtual world of Fantage! There are plenty of games for you to play and you can also adopt adorable pets! Host parties at your fancy home and invite your friends, or better yet, all the players on your server! Fantage Party Welcome to Fantage Fantage Party Room Read More
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