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Youzu Interactive has grown from a small gaming company in China into an international powerhouse in this day and age. Find out what's the secret behind their success in the games business. WWGDB - Youzu Interactive - GTArcade

Who are they?
Founded in 2009 by Lin Qi and Weisong Zhu, Youzu Interactive has grown from a small gaming company into an international powerhouse in this day and age. They own 2 game portals – websites where players can access their treasure trove of games. One of which, GTArcade, is intended for the English-speaking community while the other is mainly for their Chinese gaming community.

Although the company started off publishing games almost exclusively in China, they have expanded their horizons and brought the best Chinese and other Asian games to the Western gaming community. True to their mission of “Sharing Simple Joy”, they have brought some incredible games across the Pacific, including their most popular title, League of Angels, and now, League of Angels 2.

In fact, they have recently snagged headlines when they acquire one of the leading game developer and publisher in Germany, Bigpoint for a whopping 80 million Euros. This move doesn’t only put Youzu Interactive on the global stage, but it also gives them the opening they need into the European market, bringing them a step closer to fulfilling the company’s vision that is to become a leading global entertainment company.

Under its +U plan initiated in 2004, Youzu Interactive has also allocated an astounding 350 million USD in investment funds to acquire other games companies that look promising, so considering that they still have quite a lot of funds left – it is possible that they might just be able to extend their reach even further before the end of this year.

Sounds all very impressive, doesn’t it? Well, let’s take a closer look at Youzu Interactive and figure out what had allowed them to become so successful!

League of Angels 2

What do they do?
Youzu Interactive is an online game developer and publisher that specializes in localizing popular Asian games, mainly MMORPGs and MMORTS games, for the Western community. Amazing games like League of Angels and its sequel, League of Angels 2 wouldn’t have made its way to Western gamers through the game portal, GTArcade, if not for Youzu.

The company also has a very impressive portfolio containing some of the biggest browser-based MMO titles. Besides the League of Angels series, where you get to battle alongside beautiful angels to push back the demon invasion and vanquish the Demon Lords, Youzu Interactive has brought over the MMORPG, Magerealm, a game where you’ll battle against the demons unleashed by the demonic leaders in Njord to save the realm from being plunged into an eternal chaos.

There’s also Knight’s Fable, in which you have to go up against a Demon Lord who is hell-bent on taking everything you love from you. They have even ventured into the mobile market with successful titles like Cute Wuxia, Youth of the Three Kingdoms and of course, League of Angels – Fire Raiders. Let’s not forget that since Youzu Interactive has acquired Bigpoint, they have also “inherited” Bigpoint’s repertoire of games bringing titles like Drakensang Online, Farmerama, Battlestar Galactica Online, DarkOrbit and even the recently released Hocus Puzzle under Youzu’s umbrella of games. If they are looking for variety, Youzu has definitely gotten a company that does it.

Although players from the US or Europe won’t know much about Youzu Interactive, but the players in China sure do. It is the leader in the games business in China, and since its establishment back in 2009, the company has grown very rapidly, allowing it to accumulate the means (the funds) to fuel its slew of acquisitions since last year in its quest to expand its horizons and to become a truly global gaming company.

So... what is it that makes them so successful? Well, the main reason I dare say is that their games simply have the fun factor that had made them so addictive and enjoyable. Their games can provide that elusive “great gaming experience” which I have say fits flawlessly with the company’s motto of “Sharing Simple Joy”. That said, if you're interested to take a look at any of their games, if you haven't already, all the links are conveniently provided for you within this article... you're welcome!


Also, if you have played any of their games on GTArcade, which I’m sure you do especially if you’re a fan of casual MMO games, you’ll realize that they tend to be very generous with the goodies that they give out. There are just so many freebies that you can get simply by playing the game, logging into the game, or even staying AFK while inside the game. You are rewarded for almost every little thing you do, be it game items, free experience points, bonus cash, exclusive stuff like a pet, angels or even magnificent-looking wings and more. They truly understand the allure of free stuff and how far people will go (in terms of investing their time in a game) in order to get that item that they want.

Youzu Interactive also understands their player demographics and is able to cater to them. Most of the people who play their games are young adults and teens who are in high school, college or universities. Due to this, their games are designed perfectly for bursts of gaming, allowing their players time to spend on their studies or other social events away from the computer. Not to mention, player feedback is very valued in the company and they do often implement events, giveaways or even game features based on the feedback they receive.

What does the future hold?
From the huge welcome League of Angels 2 received, it is safe to say that the game will get another sequel in the future. Furthermore, due to possibly acquiring more gaming company and bringing them under the fold, you can definitely expect to gain access to a whole lot more games and game varieties in the future!

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