WWGDB Celebrates 400 Games

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It’s our fourth milestone now and to celebrate this occasion, we would like to share with you our accomplishments and what’s to come in this article. Enjoy! WWGDB - WWGDB Celebrates 400 Games

It’s absolutely incredible how far we’ve come. Can you imagine the time when WWGDB was just being established? In fact, if you stick around, we’ll be celebrating WWGDB’s first birthday at the end of next month! Wow, time does fly, am I right?

Worldwide Games Database or WWGDB for short was set up with a sole purpose, and a very ambitious one, in mind – that is to create a website where gamers with all kinds of game genre preferences can converge.... a website that offers quality game reviews for practically every possible free-to-play game ever designed (and published)! Although we are very much aware that there may be thousands upon thousands of fun games out there and 400 may just be barely scrapping off the top of the pile, we’ll assure you though that with your support we’ll be able to reach greater heights and provide you with all the game reviews you’ll ever need!

Reaching this milestone has not been easy and there had been pitfalls along the way. However, with our readers in mind, we’ve persevered and look at how far we’ve come! It’s amazing what you can do if you just don’t give up. Like what Joe Biden, the 47th Vice President of the United States said, “Failure at some point in your life is inevitable, but giving up is unforgivable.” We are grateful for all your support which has got us through those troubling times.

Legends of Honor

Well, for accomplishments, among the latest batch of 100 game reviews, we have included reviews for exciting MMOs, including Legends of Honor, Dirty Bomb, World of Warships, the long overdue Team Fortress 2, Skyforge, Celestial Dynasty, Blacklight: Retribution and Element. Enjoy tower defense games? Well, we have those too, such as One Piece TD and Tribal Defense. There are even unique MMOs like Deepolis which allows you to pilot your own submarine in a futuristic and post-apocalyptic underwater Earth, or Pirate Storm where you can navigate through the vast waters, dotted with beautiful tropical islands, with your own magnificent pirate ship. If you love the outer space, then perhaps you might enjoy piloting your own sleek Viper spacecraft in Battlestar Galactica Online instead!

Furthermore, for sport-loving gamers, we have plenty of exciting racing and management games, such as Power Soccer, Jet Ski Racer, Football Rush, WGT Baseball: MLB, League of Racers and many more. There are even fun-filled fishing games like Gone Fishing and Fishing Paradise 3D too!

Fancy playing a simulation-based game? Well, at WWGDB, you’ll find plenty! There are city-building and farming games, like The Tribez, Sunshine Bay, Fantasyrama, and Coral Isle. For zoo and other simulations, we’ve got Wonderland, Zoo World 2, Aquantika and Zoo Mumba. On the other hand, for hidden object games, you can find games like Hidden Objects: Mystery Society, Global Agents, and Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure.

Looking back through our latest batch of 100 game reviews, we also have a range of colorful casual games, including match-3s, bubble shooters, mahjong, solitaire, and word games. For match-3, you can check out some of the best and most recent games like Farm Tour, Jelly Splash, Gummy Drop and Cake Story. We’ve also got plenty of exciting bubble shooters such as Bubble Cat Adventures, solitaire games like Solitaire Skies and mahjong games including Mahjong Towers too! For word games, there are quite a few now at WWGDB, including Word Wizards and Alphabetty Saga, but we still would like to expand it in the future.

Jelly Splash

At WWGDB, we do not only provide reviews but also a range of articles touching on a variety of subjects in the gaming world. We’ve paid quite a lot of attention to Kickstarter, the place where up and coming games like Divinity: Original Sin 2, Pixel Art Academy and Eco attempt to crowdsource enough funds to continue the development of their games.

We’ve also continued the “article series” by producing new ones like “What Do Mahjong Tiles Mean”. We have even written articles for more serious topics, like Toxic Behavior in Games, and more humorous yet relatable ones like Gamer Problems.

In WWGDB, you may have noticed that we no longer post surveys as often these days. Well, it’s because due to the “trimming” process, we’ve decided to stop posting surveys, which don’t seem too popular among our readers, and use the extra energy to focus on other more important sections of the site. However, if you feel that surveys should stay, do let us know what you think and perhaps go do some surveys that we’ve posted in the past too.

All in all, being able to reach our fourth milestone is a huge deal for us at WWGDB and we only have you, our dear readers to thank! We hope that you all are as proud as we are to see WWGDB turn into this amazing database of game reviews that it is today and we also hope that we won’t disappoint you in the future. There are plenty more quality reviews coming right up, so be sure to stay tuned in. Also, do share the website with your friends and let them know of this reliable and comprehensive game review site called WWGDB!

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