WWGDB Celebrates 300 Users

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Pass those free virtual drinks (no alcohol for those below the age limit though!) around the table - we've reached our 3rd user milestone! Find out more by reading on! WWGDB - WWGDB Celebrates 300 Users

Wow, you guys, and gals, rock! We reached out second milestone in 3 months but we’ve passed our third milestone of 300 users in only 2! This truly shows how far WWGDB has come and how much of it all (if I had to hazard a guess, it’ll be 99.9%) is because of our fabulous and loyal readers. This calls for another celebratory article and some free virtual drinks (no alcohol for those below the age limit though!) that you can pass around the table!

Going from 0 users since Day 1 to over 300 users over the span of approximately three quarters of a year is pretty impressive to say the least, especially when the site in question – Hint: WWGDB – has such ambitious goals of becoming the go-to game review site for all sorts of free-to-play games regardless of genres. We’ve been making progress albeit in a baby step-kind of way and with our latest excursion to one of the largest casual games convention in the world, we dare say WWGDB is ready than ever before to start picking up some speed!

The reviews on WWGDB are very unlike any other sites as we have plenty of in-game snapshots and a comprehensive write-up that is inclusive of every factor you may need to know about a game before playing it. Furthermore, being some sort of a database of games, WWGDB do not discriminate between games. From the casual games of match-3 and mahjong to the midcore genre of virtual world and hidden object games and even to the more competitive and hardcore MMOs, we’ve got them all under 1 convenient roof! This is indeed the perfect site for gamers who enjoy a huge variety of games.

Taking a quick look into our repertoire of games, you’ll see that we offer a wide array of the usual MMOs like MMORPGs, MMORTS, MMO shooters (which covers FPS, TPS and even arcade shooters), MMOCCGs and MOBAs. For MMORPGs, we have anime-inspired games like the popular One Piece 2: Pirate King, as well as incredible and unique ones like Guild Wars 2, WildStar and Erectus. We even provide plenty of casual MMOs for your perusal including popular ones like Dragomon Hunter, Celestial Dynasty and Dark Era.

Perhaps you’d prefer being a leader rather than a mere hero among all the other heroes? Well, you will surely enjoy one of our selections of amazing MMORTS such as Legends of Honor and Ministry of War. Do you fancy something more fast-paced and adrenaline rushing? Why, you simply must check out our range of MMO shooters like Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies and Dirty Bomb, and also our racing games such as Drift Trike.

Looking for something in between casual and hardcore? Well, you’ll surely go for city-building/ simulation games like Fashion Stories Boutique, Island Experiment, Happy Aquarium, and Zoo World 2. If not, we have a nice selection of hidden object games that will definitely tickle your fancy including Letters from Nowhere 2, Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, and this unique mix of hidden object and simulation, Aquascapes.

For those casual players out there, we’ve got something for you as well! We’ve got match-3 games (Cradle of Rome 2, Crystal Crush and Dreamlike Mix), bubble shooters (Spicy Bubbles and Bubble Buggie), mahjong games (Mahjong Mysteries: Ancient Athena and Lost Amulets: Stone Garden) and solitaire games (Solitaire Magic: Klondike and Neverland Solitaire). So, seriously, no matter what your ever-changing tastes in games may entail, we’ve got all the games you’ll ever need... and we do add a new game on a pretty much daily basis (unless we did an article or a blog post instead).

Of course, WWGDB is not intended to only be a database of game reviews - we are hoping that our insightful articles would bring the gamers into the yard as well! We do cover quite a range of topics that concerns the gaming community and industry such as Problems in Casual Games as well as educational pieces like Explaining the Freemium Model. We’re a bit slow on articles these days due to focusing more on games, but need not worry, with the Casual Connect at Tel Aviv just concluded, you can definitely expect plenty more articles which may or may not include interviews with companies that we’ve known and love, as well as possible sneak peeks on upcoming new games, coming your way!

All in all, WWGDB has really come a long way since it was first “conceived” way back when and all of these accomplishments and milestones will not have been possible without your unwavering support. Due to this, we can never thank you enough. That being said, I am confident to say that we will be able to all strive together to make WWGDB achieve even more in the days to come!

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