WWGDB Celebrates 200 Users

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Come and celebrate with us as we reached another milestone in building up the best database of game reviews on the internet at WWGDB! WWGDB - WWGDB Celebrates 200 Users

You cannot image our elation when we saw that our second users milestone was passed within mere 3 months! That’s an impressive feat for a budding website like WWGDB and we have nothing but gratefulness in our hearts for our loyal and dear readers. Thanks for sticking with us on WWGDB, and as a bonus, this celebratory article will revisit what we have achieved together over the past 3 months.

As mentioned in our previous article, building up a new game review site and trying to make it known in an internet that is already filled with so much “noise” is a very difficult feat. This second milestone adds to the other baby step that we’ve been taking over the past few months and we could have never done it without you all.

Game review sites are plentiful in the digital space but what we’re trying to achieve here with WWGDB is to create a database (hence the “DB” in “WWGDB”) of game reviews that are so comprehensive that you won’t ever need to “check other sites and see what they say” for the same game. We have an abundant of screenshots and pictures for every game review and we’ve covered every important criterion that you may need to decide whether a game is worth your time or not. However, that’s not even the best part about WWGDB.


The best part about WWGDB is that we cover every game, the best ones of course, of all possible genres that the gaming community has ever heard of (or even some that are previously unheard of). Besides the “all-too-common” MMORPGs like Mabinogi and Skyforge or the browser-based Magerealm, we have even added reviews for exciting and unique forms of MMORPGs like Battlestar Galactica Online, Pirate Storm and Deepolis. Fancy playing as the leader of a mighty empire? Well, you’ll surely love some of these reviews that we’ve done for strategy games, such as Imperia Online, Stronghold Kingdoms and Supremacy 1914.

For the more hardcore and competitive players, we have MMO shooter and MOBA games like Team Fortress 2, Blacklight: Retribution, Gunslingers, Victory Command and even World of Warships. Or perhaps you prefer something more automotive in nature? If so, you’ll definitely enjoy these reviews instead: League of Racers, Rush Racing and Car Stories.

As mentioned, WWGDB is no mere MMO review site – it is a database and thus, we do also offer a huge range of casual games that casual gamers would adore! They include popular match-3 games like Magic Kitchen 2 and Farmville: Harvest Swap, bubble shooter games like Bubble Cat Adventures and Bubble Sea Mystery, solitaire games like Solitaire Skies and Tasty Solitaire, word games like Alphabetty Saga and Word Wizards, as well as mahjong games like Mahjong Towers and Mahjong Epic 2.

Farmville: Harvest Swap

The sports fans among our (more than) 200 users will also rejoice knowing that WWGDB cater to them too by featuring fun sports games like Football Rush, WGT: Baseball MLB and Jet Ski Racer. At WWGDB, we even have tower defense games like Tribal Defense, city-building games like Landlord and fun hidden object games like Mirrors of Albion and Hidden Land. Doesn’t matter what your tastes are in games, WWGDB will definitely have something exciting and new for you!

Although reviews are the core of WWGDB, we also offer plenty of insightful articles on various topics, ranging from The Rise of Casual Games to the 2-part What Do Mahjong Tiles Mean article series. Besides educational-type articles, we also have relatable ones like Toxic Behavior in Games. In fact, please allow me to give you a little teaser – Remember the discussion on Gamergate? Well, there’s one coming right up for toxic gamers. If you’re interested, be sure to stay tuned to WWGDB!

However, not everything is good and dandy at WWGDB. Like any review site, we’ll be tailoring our site to how our users (that’s you!) use our site. This unfortunately means that the fun surveys that we’ve been providing for months will soon be ceased. If you loved our surveys like we do, be sure to let us know so we can try to push and get them reinstated.

That being said, WWGDB is only here, like it is today, because of you, our loyal readers. We’re here to provide you with the best and we’re glad that our users are happy with what we’ve done so far. Your dedicated support encourages us to strive for a better WWGDB and thus, you can definitely expect to see more features, reviews, articles and discussions popping up on the site for your reading pleasure. Until the next milestone then! Oh and don’t forget to bookmark WWGDB on your browser!

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