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We here at WWGDB are very proud of our first 100 games reviewed, but read on to find out about why they look the way they do and a little bit about the future. WWGDB - WWGDB Celebrates 100 Games

When we set out to create the Worldwide Games Database, we wanted to create a place full of good quality reviews, information and a place where our readers can voice their own opinions about games. And we have started to achieve our goals. Though we have a long way to go, our first milestone is achieved, and we have 100 reviews available to read.

The journey has been an interesting one, from the concept to where we are today, and the reviews have also changed as we have written more of them. With new features, styles and more writers contributing to the website there have been some interesting times for us. And then of course there are the games themselves, each one requiring its own unique review, to bring you the best and most informative work we can.

We also have a wide selection of games, many websites focus on one particular genre, but here at WWGDB we wanted to be able to provide a wide array of games. From your fun casual match 3 or solitaire games up to some of the biggest hardcore MMO games we have something for almost everyone here.

Variety is the spice of life and we will continue to bring you a range of different games to read about and enjoy. We understand that each and every one of you likes different things, enjoys different games but we also know that you are open minded to try new and different ideas and games to what you are used to.

One of the challenges for us has been to create a form of template, a pattern for all of the reviews that makes sense for everyone. What you want to know about Candy Crush Saga is going to be different than what you would like to know before you play Drakensang Online. So we had to develop a way of keeping the format the same but giving us the option to write what was relevant to each game. Through some trial and error we came up with the pattern that we use now, where you can see a summary of each game, and then more detail about the gameplay or how good the game looks.

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Putting all of this together created a platform for us to review any game and still provide both a high quality review but also do it in a way that everyone can read, and know what to look for or expect when they read about games that they may not know or have played before.

Once we had this in place we were then able to review games and bring them to you to enjoy. And what a selection of games we have for you, we cover several different genres at the moment including a variety of types of Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games, and you can read more about the different types in our MMO Game Genres Article. We also have a selection of Virtual Worlds for you to read about and see if you would like to play. But we also have many more styles, including Sports, Horse Games, Card Games and of course a selection of Casual Games too.

While we will continue to add these games and find not only classic’s and popular games but also bring you details of the latest releases we will also be adding new genres. In the future you will be seeing Hidden Object Games added to WWGDB, as well as Word games and much more.

We realized that when we were adding games there were a few that were both a virtual world and a farm game. This lead to the development of the search menus at the top of the website. Where you can search by a particular type of game. Over time this expanded to including details about the platform of a game, who developed it and what we call the labels, information about what you do in the game, what makes that game unique.


When you are reading a game review you can also click on any of this information to bring up a list of all these kinds of games. If you are in Avataria for example, you can then click any of the labels such as Fashion and a list of all Fashion games will appear and you can then look for more fun games in that genre.

All of these developments have come over time, and we will continue to improve our service to you too. We have places you can leave your own reviews for the games you read about, you can give them a rating, and our articles too. We are always happy to receive feedback on what we do, and if you have any comments feel free to use our Contact Page and leave us a message.

WWGDB is still a young website, and we are proud of what we have managed to create. We will continue to make this place the best that we can, and there will be more improvements on the way too. Having 100 games reviewed is great, but this is just the first step and we hope to have many more games and features for you to enjoy in the near future.

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