Battle Royale Roundup: Will Fortnite Sustain Its Run and Will BFV Firestorm Fail?

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Can Epic Games sustain Fortnite’s popularity and is Battlefield V’s battle royale mode Firestorm bound to be a flop? Let’s take a look at a few considerations. WWGDB - Battle Royale Roundup: Will Fortnite Sustain Its Run and Will BFV Firestorm Fail?

Fortnite is arguably the most popular free-to-play and battle royale game today. As of September 2018, the game has at least 78 million players. With all the publicity, hype, and unwarranted and unfounded hate the game is receiving, one can’t help but ask if it’s a game that will continue to be popular for years to come or simply become a fad like other titles? Will it ever be toppled off of the summit by another game at the help or will lord over the gaming charts for years to come?

How long will Fortnite be around?

Fortnitemares this Epic's newest event for the prized-project

Only time can tell how long Fortnite can be around, but we can safely assume that it will be for a while. After all, even older games like Eve Online and even Runescape (the revamped version) are still around and thriving. Older MMOs like Ragnarok Online, Flyff, and Ran Online have mobile versions which appeal to an older audience. More recent games like GTA V and Warframe thriving online communities despite being a few years old.

Although these are different animals when compared to Fortnite, they prove one thing: big and well-loved games don’t die easily. Even when new games are churned out like popcorn in a crowded movie theater, their appeal never wavered and are still going strong even today. In any case, it is safe to assume we will be seeing Fortnite even as we usher in the advent of a new gaming generation. There’s a huge possibility that new consoles from XBox and PlayStation will come in a couple of years and Fortnite will definitely make its way on them.

What is Epic Games doing right?

Fortnite joined TwitchCon just this month

As a developer/publisher, Epic Games showed perfect examples of why it is and isn’t the best in the industry today. One of which is dropping support for Paragon early this year. This game was an outstanding third-person MOBA which, unfortunately, was not doing well. Surely, Fortnite benefited from this. With Paragon out of the picture, Epic could afford to allocate more resources for their beloved battle royale game. Though his earned the ire of numerous Paragon players, everything worked out for Epic in the end.

In addition to allocating more resources to Fortnite, Epic willingly gets its game exposed at every chance it gets. This year alone, it attended several conventions to promote the game with the most recent being TwitchCon. Note that celebrities and renowned streamers participate in these tournaments which are being streamed all over the world and gain countless viewers.

Multiplayer games start getting old when developers fail to add new elements to it. Fortnite is avoiding this pitfall by simply adding new weapons and items into the game to enhance overall experience. Changes are also being implemented with the most notable example being the Hand Cannon that received a huge damage buff. Modifications to items have also made player experience better, like the Slurp Juice enhancing one’s shield if health is full and health if the shield is full.

Limited-time modes and events have also added freshness into Fortnite. Over the past few seasons, we’ve seen a full map overhaul, a meteor destroying one of the locations, a rocket destroying space-time continuum, and a cube that causes zombies to appear all over the map. These events give players something to look forward to every few weeks. Moreover, they are also great introductory modes for new players who may find the learning curve to be overly staggering.

Is Battlefield V Firestorm set to fail?

Battlefield V Firestorm

From Fortnite, we deviate to Battlefield V which is set to release next month. Unfortunately, the game has received a lot of negative feedback due to its rather questionable portrayal of World War 2. After all, why would you make a game with steampunk and lady amputees fighting a war that really happened? We can’t help but assume it was made to appease a certain audience, not to make the game better. Anyway, Firestorm is its battle royale mode which won’t come next month. Instead, it is set to be released in Spring 2019 which is a little outrageous yet understandable. Unlike COD’s Blackout and Fortnite, BFV has a single player mode which looks to follow up to Battlefield 1’s outstanding War Stories mode.

Unfortunately, we don’t see Firestorm melting records if it’s going to be released next year. Though it might provide a breath of fresh air in the likely possibility that BFV bombs, it feels like it will be too late to make any sort of positive impact. Unless if EA turns the mode into a free-to-play title or does something that will shake the foundations of the gaming industry, getting millions of players to play it won’t be possible.

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