Why Taonga is So Much More Fun to Play Than Farmville?

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It all boils down to bold innovations that made the farm game genre so much more entertaining for the player. WWGDB - Why Taonga is So Much More Fun to Play Than Farmville?

Farmville has always been the “golden standard” of what a typical farm game should be, but there are many farm games that aim to introduce various innovation to turn the farm game genre into something more fun and entertaining, and Taonga is one of the earliest innovators of its kind!

For starters, instead of just having a farm and running it, the game offers its players a huge world to explore and harvest crucial resources from. The resources are then used to not only construct various buildings you’ll need but also to be turned into tools and other materials. Due to the huge variety of resources you can collect, in addition to the many farm produce you can accumulate as well, the game doesn’t seem to have a storage limit and this is something that I, and I’m sure many avid players, am truly grateful for.

Now, farming games like Farmville are typically just that – games where you can build up your farm and earn enough cash from selling stuff to hopefully expand your farm some more. This also means that most farm games trap players into a routine – a familiar one perhaps, but a routine nonetheless – where they have to plant, water and harvest their crops; feed their livestock, craft goods, trade away farm produce for cash, and perhaps spend a bit of time decorating the place.

However, Taonga breaks that the monotony of routine farm chores by offering its players a chance to travel to other islands via their trusty boat on exciting story-driven adventures. Of course, there’s a food cost involved but you can bring back a limited amount of the stuff you’ve gathered on your adventures to your main island. There’s also the sweet deal of being able to perform “combo harvesting”, which allows players to gather resources at a much higher pace, provided that you’ve got the energy to do so.

Going on adventures in Taonga

Another thing that I love about Taonga is its much more player-friendly neighbor system. Like Farmville, having good neighbors who are active in gifting and visiting your island is important. However, unlike Farmville’s neighbor system which mainly involves spamming friends and family on Facebook with invites, Taonga spares your Facebook friends and family from constant game invites by sending you a list of potential players, who are already playing the game, to add as neighbors every 15 minutes or so. Best yet, there is no need to actually add the person on Facebook in order to add them as a neighbor in this game – privacy concern and all.

Gifting is also so much easier here in Taonga with its single and super convenient “Send and Receive All Gifts” button. Taonga even lets you know how many gifts you’ve sent vs how many gifts you get back, giving you easy access to all sorts of data and tracking which will, in turn, help you decide who among your neighbors are still decently active and who you should drop in favor of more active neighbors.

Last but not least, I personally like Taonga and find it more entertaining to play than Farmville because of its “tribal culture” and the mystery surrounding the island. Unlike a typical farm game where you know very little about the world you’re playing in, Taonga provides a world filled with interesting characters, an exotic tribal culture seemingly based on the Maori tribe that can be intriguing to many, and an island with secrets that you can unveil, eventually. The storytelling here is much more in-depth and you can even learn something about the culture of the fictional Qinoa tribe. So, basically, it’s not just “another tropical farm game”!

Naturally, being farm games, both Taonga and Farmville share many similarities as well, from the general plant-grow-harvest gameplay to selling and crafting goods, but Taonga does have several notable advantages over Farmville which makes it so much more fun to play.

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