Why PlayGem Backgammon is Fun?

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If you’re looking for a backgammon game that does it like no other, you will definitely want to stop by PlayGem’s Social Backgammon on Facebook... and here’s why. WWGDB - Why PlayGem Backgammon is Fun?

Is backgammon your thing or is it something you would love to learn to play? Well, regardless of which options you go with, as long as you’re interested in backgammon games, we might have just the game you seek – PlayGem Social Backgammon.

Well now, you may be wondering – of all the backgammon games out there on the internet, why PlayGem? Firstly, backgammon games are actually rather unique on the internet. After all, backgammon games aren’t as common as match-3 games, which I’m sure you’ll agree are a dime a dozen.

There are also backgammon games out there that just changed the core gameplay of the conventional backgammon too much. It does make the game feels very much innovative and special... sure, but sometimes, players just want something that is exactly like what they used to play using a traditional backgammon board, albeit in a digital form. PlayGem Backgammon provides their players exactly what they are looking for. The backgammon gameplay in PlayGem Backgammon is exactly like any conventional backgammon games. However, competition to attract players to games – any game - especially when the internet is so heavily populated with a wide array of other casual games.

Beautiful backgammon boards in PlayGem Social Backgammon

Due to this, PlayGem Backgammon sets itself apart from other games by adding in a betting feature that, I’ll have to admit, does make the gameplay a whole lot more fun, especially when you bump up the stakes. If you’re feeling lucky and it does seem that you’re in the lead by a comfortable margin, you could easily double your initial bet or go all-in and force your opponent to make a pretty difficult choice – either to concede defeat by rejecting your double, or match your double or all-in in hopes of beating you at the game. Naturally, backgammon is inherently interesting in the sense that sometimes, it can be like an unpredictable flash flood... one moment you’re in the lead, and the next, your opponent might have knocked quite a number of your pieces back to the starting point. To risk it or not to risk it? That’s the question, am I right?

Sometimes, you won’t even need to double your bet to win more cash. Sometimes, all you need to do is to get a “backgammon win” rather than a normal “gammon win”. A backgammon win will triple your winnings while a gammon will only get you twice of what you’ll win, which is the standard fare. To get that rare backgammon win though, you’ll need to remove all your 15 pieces off the board while your opponent still has his or her pieces (at least 1) in your Home. It can be a pretty tall feat, especially if you’re up against a player who has skills that far surpass your own, but if you’re facing a weaker opponent, well, by all means, do your best to snag that extremely profitable win.

Not to mention, PlayGem Backgammon also offers its players various “difficulty levels” depending on how much risk they would like to take, and of course, how well they play backgammon. There’s a huge range of difficulty levels, ranging from beginner to Crazy Gammon. Each of them increases the difficulty of the gameplay by reducing the time given per turn and increasing the initial bet you’ll have to place. In fact, if you decide to splurge your in-game cash on a game, the most you can go is up to a whopping 25 million worth of chips in the Crazy Gammon level. This definitely elevates the “high” in “high stakes game” to a whole new level.

Looking to gain a bit of an upper hand over your opponent? Well, PlayGem Backgammon does provide “advantages” that you can buy. You can get hints using premium cash that will highlight your best possible move for that turn. There are also chips and experience boosters that will increase the chips and experience you gain per game. However, do bear in mind that these hints and bonuses won’t help you much if you don’t play cleverly. This game is definitely not a pay to win.

PlayGem Social Backgammon: Close match

Furthermore, since you’re playing the game via Facebook, you’ll be able to compete with your fellow backgammon-playing friends to see who will trump the leaderboard with the most wins. You'll also get to see what level they are and how much in-game cash they have accumulated.

That being said, PlayGem Backgammon has 2 major features that are its main attractions – its certified random dice algorithms (no loaded die allowed) and its variety of beautiful backgammon boards. The backgammon boards that this game has to offer are seriously amazing. The boards are based on a myriad of themes, such as sandy beaches, Hot Wheels, and samurai. It is pretty obvious that the game had that many boards designed so that there will be a board to suit different moods and personal tastes... and I’ve got to say, it works brilliantly!

All in all, PlayGem Backgammon is a really fun backgammon game to play. It retains the conventional style of backgammon gameplay while providing a unique and entertaining gaming experience to its players. So, if you love backgammon, PlayGem Backgammon is the game you should play on Facebook. Try it today!

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