Why I Enjoy Playing Dragomon Hunter?

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Immerse yourself into a world of monster-hunting (and capturing) in this fun-filled, Pokemon-type game, Dragomon Hunter. Read on to find out more! WWGDB - Why I Enjoy Playing Dragomon Hunter?

Dragomon Hunter is a monster-hunting MMORPG that allows you to have a chance to “capture” practically every monster and creature in the game... and yes, this includes the so-called “bosses” that lurk in various dungeons. It can be, in my opinion, listed among the most entertaining monster-hunting games there is, and here are some of the reasons why I’ve enjoyed playing the game!

First and foremost, Dragomon Hunter has an amazingly addictive gameplay. In this game, you will have to embark on a journey to capture as many dragomons as you can, pit them against other players’ dragomons in an exciting duel, while nurturing your skills to become the best dragomon hunter there is. Sounds like another similar addictive game in existence? (Hint: Ash and Pikachu)

However, if they are merely using the tried-and-true game formula, Dragomon Hunter will just turn out to be a clone of that “other game”. That is why the game developers behind Dragomon Hunter added in some really sweet improvements by combining some of the more exciting elements of RPG into the game. One such example is that most of the dragomons you’ve captured can be used as mounts. There are some dragomons that can be used as combat mounts as well. Can you image the feeling you get when you ride your powerful dragomon into battle against another player/s? Well, the feeling is rather equivalent to a knight riding his brilliant warhorse into battle!

Talking about combat, Dragomon Hunter implements a combat system that is semi-action-based. This makes the game so much more interesting as timing your dodges and skills becomes a lot more important. The creatures in this game have their own abilities that they can use at will when you engage them in combat. You’ll need to prevent your character from getting hit by these abilities as they do hurt a lot. Thankfully, the game helps you out by using red-colored indicators to point out whenever an ability is about to be casted by your enemy. This allows you just enough time to quickly dodge out of the way. Having a more fluid-like and movement-based combat is definitely the key that makes Dragomon Hunter so entertaining to play!

Adorable characters and Hoppalongs in Dragomon Hunter

Like most MMORPGs, Dragomon Hunter also offers plenty of professions that you can pick up and level. Although the professions themselves are pretty generic (such as crafting, mining, fishing, and cooking), there is a rather interesting profession in this game called “breeding”. Apparently, in this game, you can set up your own Dragomon ranch where you can then breed your dragomons to have a chance of obtaining a new breed of dragomon that is not readily found in the wild. Naturally, you’ll then need to wait for the dragomon egg to hatch and feed your baby dragomon the specific food type that it needs in order to grow it into a fully-fledged adult. Once it’s grown up, you can then show it off to your friends by riding it around or using it in a dragomon-duel.

Furthermore, being a fan of trading and “gaming” the auction house, I have always grumbled that MMORPGs out there just don’t give free-to-play players enough inventory slots to set up a good in-game business of auctioning valuables. In Dragomon Hunter though, you hardly feel the pinch of having not enough inventory slots. This is because the game separates out your profession-related materials and tools with the loot you get from successful dungeon runs or victorious battles into 2 nifty inventory tabs. When you added in the storage slots in your bank which are also conveniently separated into 2 inventory tabs, you’ll end up with quite a lot of bag and bank space, which is admittedly a rather rare occurrence in free-to-play MMOs.

Last but not least, what makes Dragomon Hunter so appealing for me is the adorable graphics. In addition to having a cute character, you will also be given a lovable pet/companion, who will fight alongside you, called a Hoppalong. Both character and Hoppalongs are customizable and you can actually suit your Hoppalong up in some really charming outfits too. Not to mention, the brilliant graphics also seems to infuse the world of Wyveria with a dreamy-like quality, which adds to the immersion of the game.

To sum it all up, Dragomon Hunter is indeed an incredible MMORPG that is not only fun for casual MMO gamers, regardless of age or gender, but it may also appeal to hardcore MMO gamers who have a weakness for Pokemon-type games. If you like what you’ve read so far, do drop by our review of Dragomon Hunter and find out more about the game!

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