Why Apex Legends Won't Kill Fortnite?

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A lot of people are saying that Apex Legends is the newest “Fortnite killer”, but we think otherwise. Why? Well, we’ve compiled a few reasons why. WWGDB - Why Apex Legends Won't Kill Fortnite?

Let’s clear this up: Apex Legends won’t be a Fortnite-killer unless Epic Games shoots itself on the leg. Both games are currently on top of the podium on the battle royale genre. Within a month, Apex Legends managed to lure in 50 million concurrent players and as of the last part of 2018, Fortnite had over 125 million.

Sure, Apex Legends could end up taking the top spot in the near future, but numbers aside, why won’t it definitively “kill” Fortnite and make it irrelevant? Well, let’s take a good look at why we think so:

They appeal to different audiences

Apex Legends appeals to a vastly different audience

First off, Fortnite appeals to a much different audience. Although you could safely say it’s a game for everybody, the goofy visuals, art style, and its world’s wackiness is...well, made for younger audiences. Meanwhile, Apex also has a comedic side, it’s a bit darker and its themes and aesthetic fit the tastes of an older audience.

They’re also set apart by their perspectives. Fortnite is purely a third-person shooter, while Apex Legends is a purely first-person one. Though you could argue both are quite similar, perspectives matter: there are gamers who absolutely abhor FPS games, but are comfortable with TPS ones. In addition, there’s also a world of difference between their gunplay mechanics (with Fortnite being the less refined one), with Apex Legends suited for players who purely prefer action-packed firefights.

Fortnite receives massive support

One huge reason why Fortnite won’t get itself killed (and why Apex will fail to do so) is the huge amount of support it receives from Epic Games, its developer. Though Epic has produced and developed several games before, Fortnite is undoubtedly its biggest hit and moneymaker. It only makes sense that their development and creative teams have been focusing mostly on it.

Note that Epic even stopped support from one of their games, Paragon. Although they gave out different reasons why they did so, most gamers are suspecting that they were merely pooling their resources into Fortnite. Another example of a flop would be the PS Vita. Even if the hardware is loved by many and is undoubtedly a commercial success, it didn’t get the attention and love it deserved from Sony and it became irrelevant within a few years.

Apart from the support it receives from Epic, its player-base continues to churn out content and streamers still do their thing.

Fortnite’s gameplay loop isn’t boring due to frequent updates

Who could forget the awesomeness that was Fortnitemares?

Fortnite’s gameplay loop can be summarized with “build, shoot, escape”, but it’s more than that. Every season (and sometimes, a patch for that matter), presents various changes like new weapons, vehicles, and map changes. A few months ago, we had a plane that can rain terror from the skies. Plus, add in the zombie mode last Halloween where players had to deal with both zombie-like monsters as well as opposing players.

Variation prevents player fatigue and boredom. Unlike games like Evolve who died quickly due to a poor and repetitive gameplay loop, Fortnite doesn’t seem like it will make the same mistake.

Apex appeals to an audience that can’t play Fortnite

Apex appeals to an audience that either doesn’t play or dislikes Fortnite. Even if Fortnite has millions of players worldwide, there’s a large player-base who only plays it casually or dislikes the building mechanic. Personally, I’m only playing Fortnite sporadically since I can no longer keep up with fast and skillful players.

Apex Legends appeals to these kinds of players (and yours truly). It does not have a building mechanic like Fortnite and though it has its own fair share of quirks and intricacies, players don’t end up building a Taj Mahal whenever you shoot at them. It’s a pure, first-person shooter featuring characters with special abilities catering to players who have different play styles. In a way, this makes it a game for everybody.

It is, and will continue to be a leader in a saturated market

With ample support, it will continue to be a market leader

Fortnite is currently on top of the battle royale podium and though it could get knocked off the top spot soon, it will continue to have a place there. It’s the industry leader, beating out its predecessors like PUBG and H1Z1. For comparison, it’s like the Overwatch of the battle royale genre. Even if it’s not the first, it will continue to dominate. Even if new threats in the league of Apex Legends emerge, it will continue to stand strong if it continues receiving ample support from the developers and its community.

Overall, though Apex Legends will continue to grow as new updates and patches flow in, Fortnite will continue to thrive. It caters to a specific audience and receives massive support from its developer. Moreover, the game receives fresh content and updates periodically, adding new content and gameplay elements which helps keep the game fresh. It also appeals to players who can’t play or dislike it, and whatever happens, it will continue to be an industry leader and a shining example of great gameplay.

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