What makes a Good Space Game

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There are many different genres of game and they are all awesome to play, but in this article we will focus on Space Games and see if we can identify some of the things that make them so good and enjoyable to play. WWGDB - What makes a Good Space Game

The conquest of space has always captured our imagination, and as gamers we get to experience a huge range of stories, worlds and adventures through the games we play. But what is it that makes them work, what makes these stories and settings so engrossing and popular. In this article we will take a look and try to pick out some of the things that get us playing and enjoying these so much.

Firstly, let us take a look at the setting themselves. There are a lot of sci fi stories set in the vastness of space. There are also many games that use some of these stories or make up their own version of the universe. These stories have drawn us in and fired our imaginations. To be able to see some of these stories on the screen, and interact with them can be an amazing experience. Gliding through the darkness of space in your ship, looking for lost treasures of hunting your enemies is a powerful image, and one that just grabs your attention.

When you enter this style of game you want to be taken to a place where you can lose yourself in the story, in the alien worlds and the depths of space. The very best games bring you in instantly, with huge cut scenes and dramatic sweeping visuals that move you. From focussing on the strategy of taking over an empire to getting into the thick of battle in a space shooter the sheer drama of the story and what you can do need to be attractive, they need to make you want to join that universe and take part in it, and there are some games that just drag you in and never let you go.

Then we take a look at the games themselves, there are several different styles available, from FPS games where you are the hero to the more strategic games where you are a base commander or world leader. In every style of game there are those that are good and those that are bad. There are many factors that go in to making a game work, and these factors run true no matter the genre. But let us now break down specifically what ties the style of game to the space genre.

Star Conflict

With shooting games there are several different aspects that have to tie together to make it work. For both First and Third person the action needs to be there. In games such as Star Conflict you are dogfighting in starships in real time. The Great Mass Effect series put you in the place of a single character taking on armies of enemies on the ground. Both of these are space games, and set in different universes but they have certain things in common. They both put you against overwhelming odds and your skill makes the difference in the fights. There are options to upgrade your gear and an engaging story.

Most of all though it's how they get you playing. The fast pace and dramatic action stands out and gives you a thrill when you play. Seeing that ship blow up, or that alien fall down in a whither of your gunfire is exciting. Getting stuck in with your customized gear and being able to control your avatar in every situation is just amazing, and these games let you do that in the most cinematic way too.

With Strategy games you are given the opportunity to build an empire spanning a planet or even a system of planets. You are able to create whole armies at your beck and call, and just like the other games if you have the opportunity to upgrade or customize them it makes them more attractive. Then there are the battles, epic conflicts where huge battles are fought are where the adrenaline can be found. Seeing your military conquer is an amazing feeling, and seeing what you can achieve come to fruition is the epitome of awesome.

Eve Online

Then you have those hybrid games that float around, such as Star Trek Online where you get both sided of the coin. You have your own starship to fly and fight with as well as ground missions to take part in the action yourself. Here your tactical decisions come into effect as you try to make a good crew for your ship as well as keep your characters in top condition. Throw in the multiplayer aspects and suddenly you have a great place to be where everything is exciting.

We may have use the word epic a couple of times above, and frankly that is what you look for when you enter a space game. That feeling, that special something that takes your breath away. Whether it is the huge span of worlds for you to conquer, or the intimate close up battles of man vs alien up close there needs to be, and often is a feeling of being epic.
The future and space are settings where our imaginations can run wild and free. With no limits to what we can do as players in these games suddenly we are opening up worlds full of action and adventure. Taking part in the created worlds of space games is fun, dynamic and thrilling.

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