What is Minecraft?

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Minecraft is one of the world's most played and celebrated games, but what is it actually? WWGDB - What is Minecraft?

There is a number of games that have made a huge impact on the history of computer and video gaming, and Minecraft is definitely one of them. What exactly is Minecraft and why is it so popular? Let us take a look at the game and the reasons why almost everyone, who plays computer games, has at least heard about it.

The story of Minecraft begins with a Swedish programmer named Marcus "Notch" Persson. He had the idea of building a game that used blocks to build things, a kind of 3D Lego that both kids and adults would like. So, he started coding the game using Java and had a working version by 2009. Marcus coded everything as he did not use any 3D graphic applications to create the various block-like objects in the game. He was a programmer and not a graphic artist, so he had to make use and do with what he had. He then placed it on an online server and called it the "Cave Game".

Within the year, Marcus added multi-player to the game as well as a survival mode. To his surprise, his game turned into a community with an estimated 100,000 registered users by the end of the year, even though his "Cave Game" was still in its testing stage. Due to the rising popularity of his "Cave Game", a proper name is in order. Marcus renamed it to "Minecraft: Order of the Stone", but for simplicity's sake, people just called it "Minecraft".

By 2010, Marcus was already overwhelmed as he had a full-time job as well as Minecraft to work on. So, he enlisted the help of his friends JahKob and Carl Manneh to help with the game. A lot of updates were then made to Minecraft and the Alpha version was released. By then, the community had grown rapidly and Marcus and his friends had to register a company that would take care of the continual development of the game. Hence, "Mojang" was born.

By 2011, Minecraft already had an estimated 10 million registered users. The first official beta version of the game was then released. Although still in its beta stage, the game was basically complete. It was also ready for public reviews and ratings, and the reviews from critics were, as expected, overwhelmingly positive.

Minecraft Beta 1.3

Minecraft Beta 1.3

In 2012 and 2013, several beta versions were successively released with added content and gameplay. Minecraft had already become a household name as far as computer games were concerned. The game was also ported to the console platform, specifically the PlayStation 3, 4 and PS Vita. By 2014, Minecraft was made available for the Xbox One. Sadly, that year, Marcus was cajoled by Microsoft into selling Minecraft to them for a whopping 2.5 billion dollars making Marcus a very rich man. Since the sale, the other founders of Mojang left the company along with him.

From 2015 to the present, Microsoft has taken over the continual development of the game. The game was also made available for the Xbox 360 as well as for the Mac OS and Windows 10. With the gaining popularity of VR applications, Minecraft has been ported over to the mobile market for Android and iOS, and runs on the Google Cardboard as well as the Gear VR. The game's version for both the Oculus and HTC Vive is a sight to behold. The game was also demoed with the Microsoft Holo Lens for which it will be made available in the future.

There is really not much to see or even maybe appreciate in terms of advanced graphics and special effects when it comes to Minecraft. That is because all you see are voxel cubes! Everything is made of cubes, from the grass, the trees, the mountains, and even the people, you, the monsters, animals, and other denizens of the game. Despite its rather "low-end" art style, Minecraft has that special "one" thing that drew in millions of players, and that one thing is its gameplay.

The game has 4 game modes, Survival, Creative, Adventure, and Spectator. At the start of the game, you will have to choose which mode you wish to play on and the game will generate a map or game world for you. The game mechanics are simple and easy to learn, and this actually made the game a hit among children... as long as they are old enough to operate a smartphone by themselves.

The core objective of the game's Survival mode is to gather resources, build and survive the night. You will have to "mine" things like stone, wood, dirt, and other building materials with the tool you have. You can then use these materials to craft more advanced tools and other items (including some cosmetic stuff like pretty paintings, dyes, and furniture), such as a proper crafting table that will unlock more crafting options.

Another one of the game modes you can choose is the Creative mode where you can build your world without having to worry about survival or the availability of resources. With this mode, you just build, build and build! You can construct castles, towns, cities, military bases, and even the Tower of Babel reaching up into the sky if you like. Your imagination is the limit.

Minecraft masterpieces

Amazing Minecraft masterpieces created by players themselves.

The "Adventure" mode, on the other hand, is the quest or story mode of the game. You will have to mine, build and survive while at the same travel to the different lands to find what you need. To complete the game, you will also need to craft a portal or a gateway of sorts so you can finally enter the Ender World to slay the Ender Dragon. Of course, if you ever hope to survive the dragon encounter, you'll definitely need to maximize your equipment upgrades too.

Oh, and a few tips though for those new to the game. In both Adventure and Survival, "mobs", ranging from skeletons to zombies, spawn at night or in dark places. You will need to build a well-lit shelter to protect yourself before night falls since these creatures apparently cannot turn a doorknob. Torches and weapons are crucial at night, so remember to stock them up.

Last but not least... Spectator mode. In this mode, you can only observe and watch just like in playing FPS games where you can see your teammates and opponents but you cannot interact with them. So, basically, you can use this mode to explore the world pretty quickly since you're no longer bound by the laws of gravity.

Whichever mode you choose, Minecraft will somehow fascinate you as it has something for everyone, especially if you take into account the plethora of mods the game has. So, whether you want to play the game on the PC, in VR, or on your phone, if you really love to build and can spare the time for it, Minecraft is the game for you!

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