What Is Kongregate’s New Gaming Platform, Kartridge, All About?

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We’ll take a deep dive into Kongregate’s new gaming platform and take a close look at what Kartridge is all about! WWGDB - What Is Kongregate’s New Gaming Platform, Kartridge, All About?

Kongregate is a name that many people would know either through playing on HTML and flash games on its website, or more recently, downloaded one of its many successful game apps from Google Play or the App Store. The games publisher has hit plenty of home runs with indie titles and has helped many indie developers get their games to the right players which in turn allowed them to grow. The most successful ones have even moved on to greater things, such as setting up their own games studios and publishing their games on their own.

However, despite having helped many young birds find their wings, Kongregate is looking to further expand its operations and is committed to give indie developers around the world a better platform where they can not only publish their free-to-play games, but also buy-to-play ones. The idea behind this has finally cumulated into Kongregate’s latest massive project – a brand-new gaming platform-slash marketplace called Kartridge.

Featuring a sleek interface, Kartridge retains everything that had made the Kongregate website such a success while adding in additional tools and options for developers to easily offer premium games to the platform’s user base. This means that on Kartridge, you will be able to chat with your fellow players via its on-browser chatting system.

Kartridge interface

The platform is also gamified in a way that Kongregate or even Steam users would be familiar with. This means that you can earn badges for playing most games on Kartridge and these badges will contribute a small number of experience points to your overall Achievement meter, giving you the feeling of progression that is similar to the leveling-up process in most games.

However, perhaps because the platform is still under development, there isn’t any indication as to why a player would want to level up their achievements. After all, there’s no reward, desirable or otherwise, at the end of the level up. Personally, I believe that Kongregate may eventually add in some form of an achievement-linked reward system, like new avatar pics or special chat features (colored text and whatnot).

Furthermore, it is also nice to note that the games in Kartridge are really neatly organized. They are separated by platform, genre and features (has badges or specials) and there are filters in place, as well as a search box, that will allow you to easily find the games you’d enjoy. That being said, I’ve noticed that the game doesn’t provide an option for players to view only the free-to-play games or, conversely, the buy-to-play ones. It would be nice to have such a filter on Kartridge.

Trying out a game on Kartridge

Ultimately, the aspect that truly sets Kartridge apart from its Kongregate counterpart is that this platform is primarily designed to help indie developers to sell their premium games. This is why you’d probably find a lot more paid game as opposed to free-to-play or even pay-what-you-want games. The platform also includes a couple of “PC ports” of popular mobile games such as the Family Guy-themed Animation Throwdown game.

Despite being rather new and it’s basically still in its beta phase, Kartridge already has the support of many indie game developers, and as such, its platform currently boasts of having over 200 games. Kongregate has yet to pinpoint a specific date for Kartridge’s official launch and everything seems pretty “hush-hush” at the moment, but we’d warrant a guess that Kartridge will be available to the world by the end of this year.

All in all, it takes some foresight on the executives over at Kongregate to recognize that indie games, especially some of the more casual ones, are getting buried among the tons of games on Steam. There’s a niche in the gaming industry for Kartridge and well, indie developers worldwide would definitely appreciate having a dedicated platform where they don’t need to compete with triple A companies for players’ attention. However, only time will tell whether this venture would be paid off and whether Kongregate’s massive player base will be willing to start paying for premium games.

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