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Upjers is one of the most popular gaming companies in Germany that develops and publishes games specializing in browser-based titles of various different genres. Let’s take a closer look at the company and their games as well as what made them so successful! WWGDB - Upjers

Who are they?
Upjers is a leading browser-based games developing and publishing company that is based in Bamberg (and no, that’s not a typo), Germany. Founded in 2006, the company has come a long way since its inception. The company has become an international name and has established a firm global presence. Within these 9 years, the original workforce of merely 3 employees in the company has grown to its current team of over 100 employees. Their website has been translated into multiple languages – more than 26 languages and counting, to be exact.

Upjers has over 60 million players worldwide have registered in at least one game developed and published by them and their games are being played in more than 250 countries from all over the world. In order to provide localization for each country, the company has even translated their games into 23 different languages.

The many games of Upjers

What do they do?
Their diverse portfolio of the games produced comprises of action, strategy, simulation, casual and social games that offer a thrilling gaming experience for all players! However, their rise to popularity started with a simple garden simulation game, “Molehill Empire”, in 2008. The game brought them their great national breakthrough! However, this is merely the beginning for Upjers!

In 2009, their newly (new, at that time) released farm simulation game, My Free Farm was awarded the “MMO of the Year 2009”, and also won the “Best Casual Browser MMO” and “Best Casual Game” trophy by the game award site, MMO of the Year. These accomplishments helped Upjers to gain recognition way beyond Germany’s borders and have certainly spurred them to peak performances!

Their most recent success story involves Upologus. The game was awarded the “MMO of the Year 2012” and “Best Casual MMO” for Upologus in 2012. In Upologus, you get to play the role of a smart little sorcerer’s apprentice and accompany him on his adventures to become the greatest magician ever!

Besides those mentioned above, there are Upjers also produced several other great and exciting titles, including the zoo management game, My Free Zoo; Undermaster whereby you get to create your own creepy dungeon and fill it with creatures; the farm simulation game, My Free Farm and Free Aqua Zoo in which you can catch your own fishes and fill your aquarium with them. Let’s not forget about their amazing amusement management and simulation game, My Fantastic Park as well as their most popular action adventure game, Koyotl!

One of the most popular games from Uptasia has got to be their 19th century-themed hidden object/ city-building hybrid game, Uptasia! Each of the hidden object scenes are so well-designed and look absolutely beautiful. Furthermore, the scenes are all timed and the positions of the objects changes with every playthrough, making the games much more challenging and fun to play! Speed and precision counts in Uptasia and if you have a great amount of both, then you can easily defeat this game! Do give the game a go – you surely will not regret it!

Upjers’ rise to success depends on several important factors that lead to an enjoyable gaming experience. First of all, the variety of games they produced caters to a wide range of audiences through their games of different genre, vastly extending their community of players. This community of players, in turn, helped the company increases its reach into other countries by word of mouth or by posting about the game on their social media sites, and effectively introducing Upjers’ games to their friends from all corners of the world!

The cash shop in the games are also excellently designed that although the games do offer in-game purchases using Upjers points, they don’t seem too pushy. This means that the games do not try to force you to buy anything using real money. Quite a lot of browser-based games made the mistake of trying to push adverts in front of their players’ faces constantly to the point where the players left the game in frustration. Upjers seems to get that aspect of their games spot-on!

Upjers: Uptasia

The graphics in the game are designed in such a way that the figures, animals or characters in the games look extremely aesthetic and adorable too! Everyone has a softer side after all!

What does the future hold?
Upjers is a company that strives to grow bigger and better every chance it gets. Due to this, they often and consistently come up with new games to further expand their reservoir of games. The latest resort management game that had just entered open beta recently, My Sunny Resort, is a testament to that. The older games are not cast aside as well – every one of their created games is, in fact, Upjers’ brainchild. Instead, the company keeps the games updated with fresh new content every now and then. They also created in-game events for special occasions like Easter, Christmas and Halloween.

The company’s passion for browser-based games is reflected prominently in the games that they produce. Coupled with their strong principles of keeping their games completely free-to-play (meaning that all the content in the game is available for non-spending players), Upjers is certainly one company to look out for! If you’re interested about the games that Upjers have developed, you can take a look at the Upjers Games List to find out more!

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