Travel to the Blue Ridge Mountains with Planet Zoo's North America Animal Pack DLC!

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Filled with even more goodies than before, this Animal Pack DLC is definitely a bang for your buck! WWGDB - Travel to the Blue Ridge Mountains with Planet Zoo's North America Animal Pack DLC!

If you play Planet Zoo just so you can swoon over the adorable, gorgeous, and lifelike animals, then you’ll be jumping out of your seat with joy right now. The Planet Zoo team has come out with a brand-new North America Animal Pack DLC and by consensus, it’s the best one yet!

Being an animal pack, the highlight of this DLC is the larger-than-usual number of brand-new animals introduced – 8 of them, to be specific. It has quite a nice range too, featuring a mix of aquatic, exhibit, arctic, and normal habitat animals.

North American beaver

These 8 animals include the giant moose, cougar, California sea lion, American alligator, black-tailed prairie dog, arctic fox, American bullfrog, and the “headliner” animal, the North American beaver. However, as cute as the beavers are, I’m more of an Arctic fox fan! How could anyone ever dislike these little adorable white furballs, especially when they are gamboling around trying to catch bubbles?

American alligator

As expected of the Planet Zoo team, they did these animals justice. The animations are incredible here and the animals are as lifelike as ever. Of course, if you’re the sort who enjoys watching videos of cute baby animals on YouTube to destress, Planet Zoo can give that exact same experience albeit in a more up-close and personal way.

black-tailed prairie dog

The team played it safe this time around as they opted to go with the range of animals that have been requested multiple times by fans of the game, which, I think, is very wise on their part. However, personally, I think they could have replaced the bullfrog with another exhibit animal that North America is more known for, such as the Monarch butterfly or the cottonmouth snake.

Moose in the headlights

Besides the animals, this DLC also comes with a new timed scenario where you’ll get to take over the Jameson Wildlife Park located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Like the timed scenarios before it, you’ll be given a list of objectives to complete within a set time period, approximately just over an hour. The faster you can complete the objectives, the better rating you’ll get – right up to 3 stars in total. The objectives here aren’t too difficult, to be honest, but if you’re looking for a challenge, you could always try playing through the scenario at a much higher difficulty.

Jameson Wildlife Park

Moose in the headlights

The only main complaint that some players may have about this DLC is the fact that it’s an “animal pack”. This means that the DLC doesn’t provide new nature items, buildings, or facilities. It’s not a huge issue for me since I’m the kind of player who loves adding more animals to my zoo and breeding them rather than doing landscaping work, but it may be a bummer for some. Do keep this in mind if you’re planning to get the DLC!

Arctic fox

In a nutshell, if you love playing Planet Zoo because of the animals, then its North America Animal Pack is definitely a bang for your buck. Not only does it contain all the fan-favorites like the North American beaver and the Arctic fox, it also comes with a whopping 8 brand-new animals and has a timed scenario mode to boot. It also has the same price as all the previous DLCs, so you’ll be getting more animals at the same price. What's not to love about that?

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