Travel to the Beautiful Mediterranean Islands of Malta in Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Malta Expansion

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Featuring a brand-new campaign that sees you managing dinosaur parks across three locations and a host of relatively-small dinosaurs, the Dominion Malta Expansion DLC is one DLC you don't want to miss! WWGDB - Travel to the Beautiful Mediterranean Islands of Malta in Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Malta Expansion

Seeing how successful the Jurassic World: Dominion-inspired Dominion Biosyn Expansion DLC was, it’s no surprise that the team behind Jurassic World Evolution 2 thought that it would be a great idea to explore the events leading up to the expansion with another movie-inspired, content-filled DLC, the Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Malta Expansion!

Similar to the previous expansion DLC, the Dominion Malta Expansion comes with a brand-new campaign voiced by several members of the cast of Jurassic World Dominion, a host of new locations and buildings, as well as a new lineup of the stars of the game – the dinosaurs!

In the campaign, the Dominion Malta Expansion puts you at the forefront of a new enterprise based in the beautiful Mediterranean archipelago of Malta. Here, you’ll get to work with familiar characters from the film, both the good people and the bad, including Dr. Lewis Dodgson and Soyona Santos; as well as Kayla Watts and Barry Sembène. True to all their movie tie-in DLCs, all of these characters are voiced by the movie’s actors and actresses themselves, giving the campaign and its story a strong sense of immersion that no other voice actors can do.

Manage dinosaur parks in Malta

The goal of the campaign is to set up various dinosaur parks in three locations across Malta, namely the Santaegidius, San Marie, and San Albertus, and manage them to the best of your ability. This includes building all the needed facilities to get things up and running, as well as trading on the dinosaur exchange to get more species, eggs, and also genome data for your park. However, to progress in this campaign, you’ll need to fulfill various missions given by both the Underground and the Authorities. By building up trust, you can then unlock various upgrades and new locations.

Along with the new parks are a plethora of film-inspired and themed buildings, ranging from the new Acquisition Center to the hotel, and even to the viewing gallery, as well as a host of decorations to go with the new buildings. There are also new cool-looking vehicles for your rangers, MVU, and capture teams. Naturally, all of these are available in the game’s sandbox mode too if you purchase the DLC.

Last but not least, the game provides a new lineup of four unique dinosaurs that are based on their movie counterparts that you can include in your park. This includes the Atrociraptor, the Lystrosaurus, the Oviraptor, and Moros intrepidus. The Atrociraptor is similar to its Velociraptor cousins, except that it has a bulkier body and boxier snout, and is purported to be more dangerous. It comes in a wild variety of colors. The Lystrosaurus, on the other hand, is a short and squat herbivore that is famous for its iconic horned beak and tusks.

The Oviraptor is definitely one of the more popular ones here. Known incorrectly as the infamous “Egg Thief”, this dinosaur species is a small omnivore with an iconic head crest, a unique feathered look, and a powerful jaw. If you love the ferocious T-Rex, you’ll likely love its (comparatively) tiny relative, the Moros intrepidus. Despite its size, this predator is known as a fast and agile hunter. Best not to let them escape from their enclosure lest you want total mayhem to ensue!

Of course, to add to the list of new species, the DLC also comes with new variants for the Iguanadon, the Dimorphodon, and the Allosaurus that is inspired by the film. There’s also a cool new “scarred” skin for the Carnotaurus.


From the dinosaur lineup, you might have noticed that these are all considered small-ish dinosaurs which is the perfect addition to the game since it lacks some. However, some players have rightfully pointed out that this DLC should perhaps have included one of the more popular “micro” (pun-intended) dinosaurs that is rather prominently shown in the Jurassic World: Dominion movie – the Microceratus. It can be disappointing for some players to not be able to add this adorable little dino to their parks, but if you consider the overall value this DLC can provide, the Dominion Malta Expansion is still a pretty darn fantastic DLC!

So, to sum up, if you’re a fan of Jurassic World Evolution 2, the Dominion Malta Expansion is as crucial to get as the previous Jurassic World: Dominion-inspired DLC. The hours-long campaign itself (though this depends on how you play it) already makes the price tag worthwhile, and that’s not including the fine selection of relatively small and adorable dinosaurs, along with a range of movie-themed buildings, that you can now add to your park.

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