Top 5 PC Games of 2020

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Despite this world wide pandemic which has affected almost everyone, gaming is here to stay. In fact it's growing as more people now have the time and chance to play. Let's take a quick look at five of the newest games available for us to play on our PC's.

WWGDB - Top 5 PC Games of 2020

As the disastrous Corona Virus pandemic spread throughout the world in the first quarter of 2020, people spent most of the time in lock-down. One practically didn't leave the house unless absolutely necessary as curfews and strict checks where put in place. The effect was a sort of the drastic change in the way industry moved on and people lived their lives. The pandemic affected businesses in different ways and the game industry was no exception. In a positive light, more people started having the time to play video and computer games at home to relieve worries and pass the time. This created a huge increase in online and delivery sales of game-related items. However, because of the lockdowns, a lot of development, distribution, and production operations in the industry were either temporarily shut-down or delayed at best.

Regardless, some developers remained true (as much as possible) to their scheduled release dates, and despite the various hindrances brought by the lock-downs were still able to present their new offerings for gaming in 2020. With that, here are five of the new PC game releases with the best potential to provide gamers with awesome and immersive experiences for the rest of this year as well as in the years to come. Just a small heads up though, these are really cool games so expect a price tag to come with each.

MineCraft Dungeons

MineCraft Dungeons

The dungeons and dragons genre has been a tried and tested one through the years. With the technology we have today, playing role- playing, hack 'n slash is a way lot intense as ever compared to the predecessors of the yesteryears. Combine this with the construction-adventure-survival blocky multi-player isometric environment of Minecraft and you've got one immersive dungeon crawler to boot. Unlike most fantasy RPG adventures, Minecraft Dungeons tries to adhere to the basic Minecraft concept so one will not find any combat classes such as Rangers, Rouges, Wizards, Barbarians, and the like. It's just your blocky avatar and a wide selection of weapons, armor, gear, and the like which can be combined or used together to achieve desired effects in the game.
This time, Mojang has worked with Double Eleven to get the game out not just for the PC but for the Xbox and other gaming platforms as well.



Some gamers just can't have enough of platform game adventures. From Mario Bros. to well...Super Mario, running left or right jumping onto here there and everywhere never seems to grow dull with these folks. So, along comes WildFire, an awesome dynamic 2D graphic platform adventure with a pyro-kinetic twist. You just happen to be a one of a kind person with mutant-like abilities mistaken for magic and sorcery by the villainous forces of the land. Master your elemental strengths particularly Fire as well as Earth and Water and engage in extreme stealth to free your people and the land from the clutches of the evil Arch Duchess and her army of goons. Awesome environment and a lot of cute text balloons to read.



In my younger days, reading novels was a great passion of mine. There was this futuristic novel where people could augment themselves genetically and turn into different life forms they chose. One of the protagonists went through the process of transforming from a man into a Great Hammerhead Shark. In the end, the weirdo went swimming into the deep blue yonder never to return. ManEater, on the other hand, gives you a feel what's it like to be a really big bad hungry Bull Shark. Hammerheads are nice and usually mind their own business but a Bull Shark is the pits should one come across an unlucky you. In the game, you not only swim the depths of the oceans to hunt, evolve, and grow but human meat is just so yummy that you have to attack stupid folks wherever you can find them. That's right, gobble 'em up and grow! There's a story to all this though and you've got one mean score to settle with the fisherman who snagged your Mom. A truly immersive gory bloody horrific adventure not for the faint of heart. ManEater will have you swimming through seven different water regions and even crawling on land just to have a bite of that fresh warm human meat. Ughhh...

The Wonderful 101: Re-mastered

The Wonderful 101

The game was initially released by PlatinumGames for the Nintendo Wii U in 2013 as an exclusive for the platform. This 2020, a re-mastered version hits the market to expand the games market base. Note that The Wonderful 101 is an awesome superhero adventure with loveable cartoonish characters that come together and Unite to fight evil alien invaders. There are over 100 heroes that you can (believe it!) simultaneously control and each with his or her special abilities. The game has a special UNITE feature which gives the heroes the ability to use specialized weapons and build useful objects like bridges, flying contraptions, and the like. Being able to control all these heroes as they fight against their foes is the unique aspect of the game. 100 heroes to save the day and of course, you make up The Wonderful 101.

Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories

Disaster Report 4

Many Japan oriented games are awesome to play.
These are games that are set in Japan's past, present, or future. Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories is primarily a third-person present-day adventure game where you either play a boy or a girl amid a horrific earthquake hitting your home city. Everything is crumbling to the ground and the decisions and actions you make will determine if those you come in contact with and somehow related to the actions you do live or die. It's a complex realistic storyline augmented with awesome graphics and great gameplay. If you like Japanese adventures you're bound to like this survival game. No gung-ho shooting or hack n' slash here. Just survive the quake and save others as much as you can.

More games are on the way for the remaining months of 2020 so stay tuned, stay positive, and keep your gaming spirits high.

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