Top 5 MMORPGs like Minecraft for PC

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If you've enjoyed playing Minecraft, you'll want to check out these MMORPGs like Minecraft! WWGDB - Top 5 MMORPGs like Minecraft for PC

Unless you are an "exclusive single-player" Minecraft player, you'll probably have played Minecraft in its multiplayer mode on any of the game's official or unofficial servers. However, Minecraft in itself is more of a sandbox game rather than an MMO game since it doesn't provide any form of questing.

Thus, if you're an MMO gamer through and through who happens to enjoy Minecraft, you might prefer a game like Minecraft that has a bit more MMO elements in it. Well, you're just in luck - Take a look at our top 5 MMORPGs like Minecraft!



Taking the top spot is, obviously, one of the world's most popular (and most Minecraft-like) MMORPG, Trove!

The game itself is similar to Minecraft in many ways. Firstly, the game has a pretty simplistic yet in-depth crafting system that's modeled after Minecraft. This means you'll need to have the correct crafting table or tool to craft a specific item. The building aspect is rather similar as well. Since both games are voxel-based, you'll be spending a lot of time placing 1 block after another as you build up your own home on the land you've staked a claim on. There are also many interesting creatures and monsters to fight, as well as places to explore and dig into in Trove.

However, unlike Minecraft, Trove offers a more extensive character progression in terms of leveling up, skill-leveling and more. Best yet, Trove utilizes its sandbox aspect to allow players to create their own dungeons and submit them to the developing team for evaluation. If the dungeon is deemed good enough (mainly not too ridiculously hard to defeat), the dungeon will be implemented into the game and other players can now try their hand at conquering the so-called death trap you've conceived for a chance to win some amazing loot.

Trove definitely deserves its spot on the top of this list and if you haven't tried the game, you may want to check it out either on your PC or on consoles. The game's really that good!



Coming in second place is the voxel-based, sandbox MMO game that's still relatively new on the internet, Creativerse. Available on Steam, the game may seem to be a Minecraft clone at first glance, but we assure you - it's most definitely not a clone despite retaining most of the core game concepts that had made Minecraft so popular.

So, basically, you'll be mining for blocks out in the world and craft them into weapons, structures, tools (including mechanical wings that will allow you to fly) and the like at the respective crafting tables. Of course, there's also the not-so-minor detail of surviving to the next day unharmed and well-fed, which mainly involves you building up your own shelter and gathering foodstuff.

Unlike Minecraft though, Creativerse is more of an MMO since it has an interesting storyline, providing players with a sense of direction that isn't obviously present in Minecraft. You'll also have access to more convenience items such as the touchstone which will teleport you to a single pre-linked spawning location... and yes, the location can be set at your shelter as well.

So, if all of these sound great to you, well, be sure to download Creativerse on Steam now and check out the game. It's admittedly no Minecraft, but some may go as far out as to say that Creativerse is so much better.



Now, our third game on this list, the popular sandbox MMORPG from the east, ArcheAge may rile up some heated discussion on whether this game's actually a sandbox game or not. Well... let's just say that we think that it is.

Although it doesn't have Minecraft's iconic voxel-based appearance and that it doesn't prominently showcase its sandbox aspect up-front (you'll need to go through at least 30 levels), ArcheAge is a MMORPG like Minecraft in the loosest sense of the definition. However, to say that the game's not at all a sandbox game can be pretty insulting to the developers who have put in the hours to make ArcheAge as unique as it is.

ArcheAge prides itself in providing an in-depth sandbox aspect to match its fun and engaging MMO elements by including features like home-building, farming and even boat-building. The houses in this game aren't instanced, unlike Rift, allowing home-owners to have a special sense of pride when it comes to being able to own a piece of land. Let's not forget about the castles on guild-owned lands as well as the awesome castle sieges that occurs on them.

Best yet, the game turned a lot of its features to a sandbox-like form by allowing players to have a say in it, such as giving players the freedom to create their own factions and implementing a player-run criminal justice system. True to the focus on exploration that Minecraft has, ArcheAge is also an MMORPG with a breathtaking open world, which includes both land and sea, that constantly has surprises up its sleeves... and yes, open PvP is allowed as well.

If you're willing to give it a chance, ArcheAge will definitely be able to deliver up on its sandbox MMO promise by offering you the best of both worlds while packaging the whole game in breathtaking anime-like graphics. It may not be the traditional definition of a "Minecraft-like" game mainly due to the lack of voxels, but it's a great game like Minecraft nonetheless!


Wurm Online

Our fourth choice might not be a very obvious one since Wurm Online is essentially an old-school and obscure, sandbox MMORPG with a strong focus on its building aspect. Set in the medieval times, the game attempts to emulate real life by making its building process rather lengthy. After all, you couldn't possibly build a whole settlement within a couple of hours, right?

The building process is very different from Minecraft since you won't be placing blocks but instead pre-made building frame sections which you can then combine, rotate and move around to build your ideal castle. Of course, there is also a crafting aspect where you can craft a variety of crucial tools and weapons in order to survive in Wurm Online.

Aside from building, the game also features huge and varied worlds for you to explore. This honestly makes the resource-gathering aspect of the game much more bearable, and in fact, fun, since you'll be traversing through amazing worlds, having your breath taken out of you. Best yet, like Minecraft, you could also set up a farm in this game by taming and breeding some livestock.

All in all, if you fancy a more realistic, medieval-themed, Minecraft-like MMORPG, Wurm Online is, without a doubt, the game for you! Do try it out!



And... we end our list with another old-school and somewhat obscure (but fun) sandbox MMORPG, Salem, that unlike Wurm Online has a stronger emphasis on its in-depth crafting system and survival aspect rather than building.

Similar to Wurm Online though, Salem is not a voxel-based game, but you are still able to mold the game environment through resource-gathering, mining and digging in a way that reminds me of the currently-shelved MMORPG, EverQuest Next: Landmark. Of course, although not exactly the focus of the game, you can still build your homestead and the process is quite similar to Wurm Online except that it occurs at a much higher speed.

Not to mention, the game world in Salem is simply humongous to the point where it feels like an actual world. Salem also borrowed some features from ArcheAge where open world PvP is the norm, so you'll need to be vigilant at all times, but players who kill and steal for no reason will be labelled as criminals and can be punished.

However, as good as it is despite being an indie MMO and all, Salem does have its fair share of flaws due to its low development budget. So, we'd recommend you to take a look at Salem without carrying along any high expectations. It's a pretty good MMORPG like Minecraft, but if you're expecting a Minecraft clone, you may end up disappointing yourself.

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