Top 3 Most Anticipated MMO Shooters for 2018

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As the end of the year approaches. let’s take a look at what the coming year has in store for us when it comes to online multiplayer shooter games. As to whether they will be any good, we'll soon find out.
WWGDB - Top 3 Most Anticipated MMO Shooters for 2018

Once again the New Year is fast approaching as we move closer to the end of 2017. As with the past years, one of the most played genres online is the MMO FPS/TPS kind of gaming which has inspired the continual development of newer games through the years. It does look like a never-ending cycle of development, testing, final release, continual upgrades and game life-span as some of them (like the really good ones) do live quite a long time. So, without much further adieu, let's take a look at 3 of the most anticipated online (multi-player) First Person/Third Person Shooters for the year 2018.

One of the endearing features of current on-line multi-player FPS combat is the setting of the game. The most popular FPS shooters are based on our current timeline or at least close to it. Games like CSGO, MOH, and BattleField are set in today's current theater of War like missions in the Middle East, Europe, Russia, Asia and even in the heartland of the USA. Players are troops in full metal gear with the latest assault rifles, ordinance, weaponry, and vehicles. Combat is fast-paced, furious and highly competitive in the usual urban or rural settings.

War of Rights

War of Rights is an upcoming release that gives variation to the common online shooter theme. The game does not take place in today's modern world. It takes the player back to an important time in American history, the time of Blue Powder and Gray Smoke, the American Civil War. The player gets to relieve what FPS combat was like in Maryland in 1862. One could imagine what it was like to load one's rifle where you shoot once then load again. If the enemy comes at you before the reload then you'll have to use your bayonet. This game would be quite an experience for the usual current day FPS player used to ones AK-47, P-90 or even a pair of Juan Diegos.

The graphics are awesome and the varied game maps are set in the actual civil war locations like the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers where the battle of Harper's Ferry took place or the waters of Antietam Creek of the Battle of Antietam. You can either fight for the Union or the Confederacy and the uniforms, weapons, environment, everything is as authentic as much as possible for the time period. The developer Campfire Games has already released War Of Rights as an Early Access alpha on Steam but the game is crowd-funded and is currently only available to those who will back it up. The developer plans to release the public version by 2018.

Escape From Tarkov

Judging by the demo video of the alpha version, Escape From Tarkov looks like an amazingly promising game. The graphics are good and the sound effects, especially the weapon sounds, are really cool. The voice-overs and radio messages add to the anxiety of the situations in the game. Escape From Tarkov is a hybrid FPS/TPS-RPG in development by Russian based Battlestate Games. It seems that a lot of really great games have been coming out of the former Soviet Union. Make no mistake, Tarkov is an action-packed modern day shooter game that takes place in a fictional war-torn region in the Eastern European city of Tarkov. The game is multi-player and mission based at the same time as the player has to complete specific objectives within the game. The game is story driven where the player will have to choose between 2 sides or military corporations which are the Western-backed USEC or the Soviet-created BEAR.

As the game is a hybrid RPG, the player has to level-up, upgrade one's skills and scavenge and procure resources vital to the missions and one's survival. If the player is killed, one loses one's carried inventory and will have to scrounge again from the very start. The game is complex as the developer has grand plans for it. The only thing that seems to be a big hindrance to the game is the release date as this game was scheduled to be released way back 2016. It's been re-scheduled for some time in 2018 to come out on Steam and hopefully, the developer can get a working copy available for the public by then cause a lot of people are waiting for it.

Noises of the Zone

The last game of the 3 worth mentioning would be a little bit unique but never the less already known. For FPS fans who are already familiar with S.T.A.L.K.E.R., the Russian developed FPS game released way back in 2007 that took the FPS gaming world by storm, a new STALKER game is currently in the works. The game is very much anticipated because a lot of STALKER fans have been waiting for a new game for quite some time. The catch, however, is that it's not being developed by GSC World Publishing, It's being made by err… these guys from Hungary who are said to have gotten tired of waiting for the latest sequel and decided to create the sequel themselves using the CryEngine from Ubisoft.

The STALKER FPS game series has 3 main episodes, Shadow of Chernobyl the one released in 2007 and followed by 2 others, Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat. The games have both multiplayer and a single player campaign. Noises of the Zone which is currently being developed by this Fan group has already released a video demo which looks really promising and enticing to the waiting fans. Regardless, the game still needs a lot of work to be done particularly in the assets department as most of it seems to be coming from the Call of Pripyat episode. Also, the team still has to work out the legalities with GSC World as it is a fan based project. Such as it is, with the added boost of the CryEngine, hopefully, the team will be able to get it out on Steam by 2018.

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