The Steam Games Festival is Filling the Void Left by E3

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Steam is currently holding the Steam Games Festival which is something all gamers would want to partake in. Thing is, what’s it about? WWGDB - The Steam Games Festival is Filling the Void Left by E3

E3, undoubtedly the biggest games and electronics convention, was scheduled last June 9th and was canceled months before. We’ve all been looking forward to big games and console announcements, especially with the next generation just around the corner.

Fortunately, a lot of publishers and gaming giants themselves are holding events to help fill the void. One of these is the Steam Games Festiva, which is currently in its Summer Edition. In a nutshell, this event is spearheaded by the digital game distribution itself alongside games journalist Geoff Keighley, to make up for the absence of announcement events and conventions. Of course, there won’t be any major conventions and events in the future because of the current pandemic, so there are more events (and “editions”) like this in the future.

Although the Steam Games Festival is undoubtedly on a smaller scale compared to more well-known events, it has brought in a lot of benefits to both gamers and developers. If you’re someone who constantly checks gaming news and events, it would be a good idea to check it out. Here’s why:

Demos and free trials of upcoming games

Desperados III's demo is a must-try

One of the best things about E3 is that developers get to release free trials and demos of their games for people to try out. These essentially become free trial runs and mini beta tests where they can get feedback from players and see which avenues their games need improvement as well as bugs and issues that need fixing before release. In addition, it’s also where certain titles receive a massive PR boost which helps maximize sales beforehand.

Steam Games Festival does the same as well. Although it lacks huge triple-A games and developers, it provides an outstanding avenue for indie titles and mid-sized game creators to be in the spotlight. Some of the game demos available for download today include Desperados III, Windjammers, EverSpace 2, and Stronghold Warlords. You can try these titles out for a limited time, giving you the opportunity whether to add them to your backlog or otherwise.

Livestreams and developer interaction

There are a lot of livestreams and events to watch

One of E3’s events - as well as those of other conventions - are live streams and occasions wherein streamers and even celebrities get to try out games and even play against each other. Some of the indie games featured on the Steam Games Festival are currently holding live streaming demos where the developers themselves are playing the game and interacting with potential players. These invite hundreds of viewers and chance for potential buyers to see which title is the next Rocket League and Celeste and for developers to promote their titles.

Indies galore

Everspace 2 is undoubtedly one of the games to watch out for

But wait, why indies? Why isn’t the Steam Games Festival promoting more triple-A games? And yes, why in the world would people look forward to playing indies?

Well, as of today, there are only a few triple-A games with set release dates because some have been inevitably delayed because of the current pandemic. We’re talking about large studios - which may have temporarily closed down - with a lot of manpower. Plus, some aren’t even on Steam as they’re exclusively on consoles.

There’s also the already-broken stigma of indie titles being a tier below triple-A productions. In the past few years, small developers have created outstanding games that provided memorable experiences. In 2018, we were treated to both Cuphead and Celeste, while games like Dead Cells, Hollow Knight, and Stardew Valley still dominate the charts.

With that in mind, there’s reason to believe that the Steam Games Festival is currently hosting the next big hit. So, be sure to check out the live streams and find games and see which ones will be able to suit your preferences.

Game updates and things to look forward to

Haven is also one of the games being shown

With what’s happening in the world today, there are only a few ways for indie developers and even large publishers to get their message across. Nintendo is holding a direct on the 22nd, while Sony made a ton of PS5 game announcements via live streaming. Things would have been grander and bigger in scale with E3 around, considering the event is much like a three-way battlefield for the console giants. Without it, the gaming giants and the small players - like indies - are left to their own devices.

The Steam Games Festival may not replicate what E3 can do, but it sure gave a lot of gamers and indie creators something to look forward to. With huge gaming conventions and events out of the picture today, it and its possible future editions which are slated at the end of the year will give us all much-needed news and game showcases. Most importantly, it’s a beacon of hope in these trying times.

So, it would be a great idea to head over to Steam, log in to your account, and try out the demos available. Moreover, check out some of the live streams and see if the games available are something you’d want to add to your list!

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