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In whatever interest you may have and game that you would want to play chances are you will find it online. One of the places on the internet where you can find good high quality online games is Plarium. With that, let's take a look at the game selections they have. WWGDB - The Plarium Online Games Library

In today’s world of Online Gaming, knowing where to find good games that one can play and invest one's time in has become an essential aspect of a gamer's life. The internet, as it is, is inundated with so many games, and the reality is that not all of them are worth playing. There are many reasons why people play games ranging from being a hardcore player to somebody who simply wants to pass the time, but no matter what the reason, people do deserve the highest quality of available game selections that they can find. What's more, in today's monetized yet predominantly free2play online game platforms, gamers have become more demanding and expecting when it comes to spending their time, effort, and in some cases, cash on a particular game.

To this end, online game sites, archives, and libraries have been scattered all over the web to address this need. Depending on what kind or type of game a gamer would be looking for, rare is it that a site would not be available to cater to their needs. Whether it's a free2play game, a paid format, or a variation of both, sites like Steam, Retro Games Online, and the like will be there to cater to one's gaming persuasions.

Plarium, which was founded way back in 2009, is one of these sites. It primarily caters to Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) gaming where players can connect their online devices to and play with similarly like minded people no matter where each is practically located around the world. The Plarium site is available worldwide across 150 countries with a player/market population of around 390 million (give or take) with player composition scaling from the most casual to the most hardcore. To this, Plarium has made it a point to diversify it's available games so players can have an ample selection of what suits them and what gaming experience they would likely enjoy.

The games in Plarium are divided by their genres and categories. The sites organization helps the player zero-in on the games that interest them. Note however that there are games that are mixed in categories like being both popular and having such combined genre elements like RPG Strategy or Adventure and Puzzle Solving or having other mixed variations of each. The game categories vary from Downloadable, Free2Play, Popular, Best And to the newest one's available. Genres are usually a mix of this and that though the game selections are predominated by the usual online types of games like MMORPG, MMORTS, Puzzle Solving, Adventure, Action Combat and Shooters whether First or Third Person with the games having both PvP and PvE elements of game play.

Three of the major games available are Raid: Shadow Legends an MMORPG, VIKINGS: War of Clans an MMORTS and Mech Arena: Robot Showdown an action packed combat game.

Raid: Shadow Legends

Vikings War of Clans

Mech Arena

Plarium caters to a multi-platform gaming environment. Whether you use a PC, a Mac or a mobile device of sorts, if you can connect to Plarium and access their games, you can play it. Not all games though may be available for all platforms. An example is Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare which as it's title states is for mobile gaming. However, there will always be a selection of ample games for whatever gaming device you are using to connect with. Also, a number of games will require some downloading and will have to be launched using Plarium's proprietary game launcher Plarium Play.

Currently, the site has around 20 available games for one's perusal (majority on a free2play gaming platform) and will continue to expand it's library as more games are being developed and/or ported over to the multiple gaming platforms that Plarium and it's gaming community uses. The community itself has grown through the years and has provided players with a rich multi-player online environment and also a good way to socialize and interact as well. To this, let us take a quick look at the games on Plarium today.

Raid: Shadow legends - An expansive MMORPG set in the realm of Teleria where long-dead Telerian warriors have been resurrected by the Arbiter, the immortal guardian of the realm. Tasked to stop the advance of the Dark Lord Siroth in the East, you the player will have to undertake intensive battles and a lot of adventuring with your party of warriors in order to fulfill your tasks and destiny. The game boasts of over 400+ champions, 16 distinctive factions and a myriad of ways to kick player butt, earn loot, increase your XPs, level up and solve the puzzles in your own adventure.

Mech Arena: Robot Showdown - Is a real time 5v5 Mech Combat game. Reminiscent of the Mechwarrior and BattleTech games, choose a variety of Mechs and weapons and engage in head to head death match sorties against enemy Mech lances whether controlling a point, capturing territory or just plain beating the hell out of the enemy Mechs and blowing them up. A duel mode is included for those who want to go ala mano-e-mano to see who the better Mechwarrior is.

Throne: Kingdom at War - A Medieval PvP Strategy game where you as a mighty descendant of the great King must rule, protect and possibly expand your Kingdom. As a MMORTS, you will have to manage your towns, resources and military forces as well as forge alliances to achieve your goals. For those who love to spend their time thinking and making encompassing decisions, Kingdom at War may be just the game for you.

Vikings: War of Clans - Is another PvP Strategy Wargame which involve the Vikings of the Northern-most lands. Based on the Asgardian legends, you as a leader must not only fight for the glory of Valhalla and that of your clan but also see to the construction of buildings, training of warriors, managing your various resources, making allies and thinking of ways to beat your enemies and emerge as a victorious and worthy Jarl for your clan.

Sparta: War of Empires - Another MMORTS but this time based on Greek Mythology. Set in the 5th century BC, Greece is under attack from Xerxes and his mighty Persian Empire. You objective as Archon is to unite Greece in the battle and stand up to his empire. Operating from your city which is the center of your resources and your army, you will
have to launch your campaigns and direct your forces while managing your supplies of Grain, Bronze and Timber, all three of which you cannot go without if you wish to survive and grow.

The Stormfall Series - Composed of three titles, Stormfall: Age of War, Rise of Balur and Saga of Survival. Age of War is a Fantasy PvP RTS Combat game in which you must unite the lands of Darkshine by defending your castle, discovering the mysteries of The Lost Arts, building up an unrivalled army, and mastering skills in the art of Diplomacy, Strategy, Logistics and Warfare as well as form alliances to beat your enemies. The Rise of Balur has a similar game play but this time you will have to go up against or rather defend the kingdom from the primordial evil known as Balur. The same tactical maneuvers apply like building up your army, managing resources, forging strong ties with other lords as well as honing one's skill and knowledge in the course of warfare. Main resources to look out for are Gold, Iron and Food. Finally, Saga of Survival is the RPG version of the game. In the game, you, the leader of your kingdom has been betrayed and exiled to the inhospitable Eastern Marches. You will have to survive, hunt and craft, vanquish foes and gather allies as you wander the woods, swamps, and plains which you must now call home. There are quests that you will have to accomplish for the greater good of the people of the Eastern Marches.

Nords: Heroes of the North - Another winter based PvP Strategy game. Another Nordic based strategy game. This time you play one of King Bjorn’s Lord Marshals who will have to keep three factions from fighting amongst themselves and working together in your Stronghold. These are the Vikings, the Elves and the Orcs. Your job is to repel the evil Ice Queen and her army of undead forces. You will have to gather up your resources, build what you need and train your troops as well as engage in deep thought and strategy. Surprisingly, the three main resources to look out for are Fish, Mushrooms, and Fire Ale.

Alliance: Heroes of the Spire - Dynamic Collection MMORPG with a post-apocalyptic setting. After a magical cataclysm tore the world into pieces, the only place standing tall is the Spire, your home. Now being threatened, you must fill an airship with an assembled force of daring heroes and embark on a quest to save your world. Over 400 heroes to collect (depending on what you need of course). Train them, fight with them and upgrade them. Create alliances and engage in cooperative battles as well as PvP duels while having the adventure of your life.

Pirates: Tides of Fortune - An RTS Adventure on the High Seas. A naval warfare strategy game based on the age of Pirates and the Buccaneers. As the Captain of your ship and crew, sail the high
seas while growing your Pirate base from a deserted island into the bustling center of your Pirate Empire. As with any RTS game you will have to train your crew, manage your resources and explore (or fight) for glory and fortune. Set your Tinker to work to discover valuable assets and don't forget to watch out for your three main resources of Lumber, Gold and well, Rum. Harharhar D harhar...

Soldiers Inc. - Futuristic MMORTS Warfare.
The game is an RTS war scenario in the near future where Multinational companies as well as China and other leading Asian mining conglomerates have stake claim to the rich mineral rights found in the East African Republic of Zandia. Paramilitary forces from different sides called Combines are then sent to secure the area. You are given charge of your own base where you will have to sign contracts, recruit troops, manage your resources and build up your army as you carry out offensive and defensive missions to claim your right to the Zandian territories. Your three main resources will be Fuel, Munitions and Rations.

Total Domination Series - Composed of Total Domination and Total Domination: Reborn. These are both strategy games in a post-apocalyptic world with a modern setting. Returning after a century, humans find out that the world has turned
into a total wasteland. You will have to start anew by building a settlement/base, fighting with warring clans and joining forces to battle a sinister AI force intent on killing-off humanity. RTS base building and resource gathering applies as well as improving technology through research and advanced unit constructions. Create alliances with others in order to have a stronger force in dealing with mutual threats. Total Domination: Reborn focuses more on the threat posed by the growing sinister AI force gathering deep in the wasteland. Main resources a are Titanium, Uranium and Credits. Use them well.

Terminator Genisys: Future War - Classic MMORTS based on the Terminator franchise. You can either take the side of the Resistance or the Robotic SkyNet. Base building, gathering and managing resources, forming alliances as well as continually engaging in research and development comprise the overall activities of the game as well as engaging in combat (of course) with the opposite side. Resistance: Destroy SkyNet at all cost and free the Earth. Terminators: Eliminate all humans. Hasta La Vista baby!

Aside from this list of games that inspire hardcore gaming tendencies, the site also have games of errr...the lighter side. Games for everyone, games that are fun and bring a smile, a laugh and some warmth to one's heart.

Lost Island

Lost Island: Blast Adventure - Is a puzzle solving adventure game where you the player acquires the deed to a lost tropical island of your own. The island is sort of in a neglected state and you will have to fix it up by building this and that as well as making friends and acquaintances with whom or what. In order to get the funds and resources you will need to repair and beautify this little island of yours however will require you to solve puzzles and defeat challenges. Whatever you do is up to you. It's your island.

Heart of Vegas - Just like in a Casino, gaming means taking risks whether you win or loose and speaking of a Casino, no other place is as packed with them as Las Vegas. A Slot Machine Extravaganza, Heart of Vegas features all-time classic slots like Big Red, Queen of the Nile and the slot game of all time, Buffalo Slots. The game not only features slot machine selections but other casino games as well. The game gives the opportunity to gamers to learn gambling without really gambling as you can't bet or win on real money. However, there is an 18 and up age limit restriction to the game as you wouldn't want your 5 year old shaking the dice and yelling at everyone to place their bets.

Undersea Solitaire Tripeaks - If you like playing
cards on your own like ummm ... Solitaire, this game may just be for you. set in the quiet underwater town of Rocky Bottom after a terrible storm, help you best buddy, Alfred the Crab fix up the place by playing ummm ... Solitaire to gather the resources needed for the job. Engage in 2500+ tricky Solitaire levels as well as 600+ story quests to rebuilt Rocky Bottom to the way you want it to look. Many underwater characters to meet and make friends with after all, you never know if you may spot a short yellow looking sponge walking about.

Family Zoo: The Story - From the casino to underwater cards we now go to the Zoo. the game is a sort of Zoo building, adventure match blasting, puzzle solving game. To make things short, a big company wants to build a big supermarket on the land occupied by your family's Zoo. Now it's up to you to save it by engaging in Puzzle solving and hundreds of match 3 levels so you can pay for and rebuild your zoo otherwise the poor animals will have nowhere to go. For the animal lovers out there, this game may be just for you.

Klondike: The Lost Expedition - Another animal inspiring game. Set in Alaska during the time of the Gold Rush, the game combines adventure prospector questing, searching for a lost Dad, running a food trade and Old McDonald had a farm. Whether its a hee, a yah or a moo with a cackle, as hard as it is for you to leave your beloved animals behind, the game will arm you with a map of the Klondike and take you on a road to picturesque locations as you gather precious resources, find your father and get back to your beloved farm.

And there you have it folks, the games you will find on Plarium. Whatever your interest may be, feel free to scan the list and who knows ... you may just find what you're looking for.

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