The Controversy between Paladins and Overwatch

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The dawn of the arena-based shooter is back with Overwatch and Paladins leading the charge, but fans are arguing that one of them was just an imitation, but honestly speaking, should that even matter? WWGDB - The Controversy between Paladins and Overwatch

The dawn of the arena-based shooter is back with Overwatch and Paladins: Champions of the Realm leading the charge, but fans are arguing that one of them was just an imitation, but honestly speaking, should that even matter?

In 2014, Blizzard announced Overwatch at their Blizzcon event, where thousands of fans cheered and loved the reveal. Fast forwarding to May 2016 when it has finally been released to the PC and consoles, fans loved the new game and become one of the biggest selling games of 2016. Meanwhile in 2015, a gaming company called Hi-Rez Studios announced their new game called Paladins: Champions of the Realm which had its closed beta on November of the same year and its open beta on September 2016.

Now this is where the dilemma starts, during its beta phase, many players are reacting that it plays very similar that from Overwatch and some even branded it as some mere copycat. This caused for a large issue from the community in regards to the two games. But is it really fair to rule out Paladins for having some similarities with Overwatch? We tried to and see the differences between the two.

Both games’ main highlight are its heroes or champions, depending on what they call it, but these characters have particular roles and will work well if players work together. Usually it can comprise of an attacker, tank, support or defensive characters that will play differently and can also be distinguished on their personalities. In every match, there will certain objectives needed to accomplish, some may require to attack and capture a point or escort a payload to its destination, or sometimes both, sometimes it could be the opposite by preventing the attackers from accomplishing their goals.

Overwatch's gameplay

And that is where their similarity ends. In Overwatch, players will either be on the attacking team or the defending team at the start of the match, except for the control matches. And in Paladins, both teams must race to the capture point and the first team to capture will be the attacker. Though the game modes may be similar, the way it was handled was different.

Another different from the two is that in Paladins, you are not allowed to swap to a new character in mid-game, where in Overwatch, you are allowed to switch into any character without any limits or restrictions. This provides a very different play styles, as for Paladins you may have to provide a well-thought team composition before any match and any mistakes on the team line up could be a big risk to the team. Wherein Overwatch, the strategies in the game constantly changes as anyone can switch out to a different character midgame, this can cause the opposing team to change their plays to even out the situation. So in short, the two games have different approach in strategies.

In terms of customization, each game has their different approach. In Overwatch, it is more on cosmetics; from changing the character skins to certain color palette changes or sometimes an entirely new themed costume. Then there are some other cosmetic features like several options to change the spray paint or changing the emote animation or voice emotes, and these items can be purchased or unlock with loot boxes.

While in Paladins, it is not just the cosmetics that you can customize. At a start of a match, players can use certain deck load ups that contains a set of cards that can provide added stat performance or skill modifiers for the selected hero, players can also unlock more cards by opening loot boxes. In this case, it adds another layer of strategies for players to use in certain situations.

They can collect more cards and plan it out well on when should they supposed to use these cards, so the more you play, the better set of cards that you can acquire and use, which can be rewarding for those who played longer in Paladins, and for the sake of Overwatch, it removes any possible unfair advantages to casual users when competed against hardcore players, making it more friendly to both audiences and can attract more players.

Paladins' gameplay

The map design is also different, Paladins focused on a MOBA-ish map set up with one central lane for the point/payload objective and two alternate routes for potential shortcuts. It mainly focused on having MOBA elements in the game where matches can be expected to have head on clashes or surprise attacks, heroes can also navigate faster in the map with the use of mounts. Overwatch on the other hand provides different styles on its maps. Some may include vantage points on higher grounds, or multiple pathways for possible ambushes or sometimes blind spots that can be an advantage for certain heroes. It relies more on proper strategy and teamwork where each role can play their roles.

The bottom-line is that both games may have similarities but each of them are played differently. Paladins’ advantage is its free-to-play model and deck loadout feature that can provide a refreshing take on the game, and not to mention the game is open for anyone to try. Meanwhile Overwatch’s main attraction is its entire roster of heroes that provide a very diverse list of colorful characters where everyone can pick their favorite. Both have their pros and cons and there should be no reason to hate any from them because of the similarities. In other words, just enjoy the games, both of them are just fun.

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