The Best Squid Game-inspired Titles You Can Play on Android Today

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Squid Game is arguably Netflix’s most popular TV show this year, becoming a worldwide favorite. Although you wouldn’t want to participate in a contest where losing in “red light, green light” means being shot in the face, there are several Squid Game-themed Android games you can download and play.
WWGDB - The Best Squid Game-inspired Titles You Can Play on Android Today

Unless if you've been living under a rock the past few months, it's likely you've heard of and even watched Squid Game. This hit Korean Netflix series logged in more than 142 million views and is even openly received by Western audiences. In a nutshell, the show pits cash-strapped and desperate adults with truckloads of debt against each other, competing in kids' games for a chance to win a massive amount of money that would not only erase their debt but also set them for life. The show's premise mixed with rather heavy themes, like death in the family, social inequality, and injustice, delivers an intriguing viewing experience.

With that said, if you're a massive fan of the series, there are a few Squid Game-inspired titles you can dive into on Android. We've compiled a shortlist of what we think are the best ones:

Squid Game Challenge

Squid Game Challenge

Things can’t get any more straightforward with Squid Game Challenge, brought to you by Podscripton. This title takes Squid Game's main games and creates a simple, 2D version that is quite simple to play. Currently, there are five available games to dive into, including the famous "Red Light, Green Light," Sugar Honeycomb, and Marbles. There are no plans to make it a multiplayer game, but if you want to try your hand and see if you can survive, do check it out.

K-Games Challenge

K-Games Challenge

K-Games Challenge is a full 3D game inspired by the popular series; though it takes liberties with its art style, it holds up reasonably well. It's advertised as a game for all ages thanks to its rather bright visuals. Some of the games include "Red Light, Green Light," the Honeycomb game, and Tug of War. Meanwhile, it also has the Claw Machine and Ddakji flip minigames which enhances the variety of games to play, increasing replayability.

Octopus Games

Octopus Games

We don’t need a biologist to tell us that a squid is a totally different species from an octopus, Octopus Games manages to deliver a legit Squid Games experience. Much like the TV show, you'll play as one of the contestants in various kids' games, and if you lose, you'll end up dying. Some of the minigames you'll play include Red Light, Green Light, a tight platform jump, and the Honeycomb game, where you have to carve a shape perfectly from a cookie.

Cookie Carver: Life Challenge

Cookie Carver

Cookie Carver: Life Challenge includes the Honeycomb game and the other minigames Squid Game possesses. It follows the same premise: players will compete in a series of challenging tasks, all for a cash prize. And yes, losing means instant death. Thankfully though, Cookie Carver lets you earn coins and other forms of currency that grant you lifelines in the form of revives.

Squid Survival Challenge

Squid Survival Challenge

Meanwhile, Squid Survival Challenge tries to make a case for the most authentic Squid Game experience. Much like its peers, it utilizes many of the games in the TV show, like the "red light, green light," "honeycomb game," tug-of-war, marbles, and glass stepping stone. One of the best things about it is it manages to make each playthrough unique by randomizing the trials, which ensures all playthroughs you'll go through will be different. You can respawn by watching an ad, and you can purchase new customization elements, particularly the headgear, through an in-game shop. Though it has no multiplayer function (and none planned in the future), it feels as if the AI you're playing with consists of authentic players.

Will we ever see a Squid Game first-party experience?

Fall Guys

Squid Game is undoubtedly one of those TV shows that are perfect for basing a game by. Since Netflix is producing their own games now, we’ll probably see a first-party game in the future, along with a slew of licensed digital merchandise. In a way, the game could also be another unique battle royale experience like Fall Guys. Just imagine playing any of the show's kids' games with dozens of other players. It'd be extremely fun especially when you get to play with your friends. Apart from the games mentioned above, we'd also like to see folk and kids' games from other countries and cultures as well.

In addition, we'd also like to see skins and collaborations. Honestly, it would be awesome to see one of those green jackets and many of the games on Fall Guys. For one, it would be so nerve-wracking to go through one of its many obstacle courses while having only a single life.

So, in your case, what do you think? Have you tried any of the above-mentioned games and do you find them authentic? Overall, we also think it would be a smart idea to introduce an authentic, first-party Squid Games title to ride on the show's popularity. After all, they've recently announced a season 2!

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