Thanos and Fortnite Mashup: Can You Build Your Way to Beating the Mad Titan?

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Thanos is coming to Fortnite, and it’s up to the players to stop him. Can they fight off the Mad Titan or will he successfully use the Infinity Gauntlet to get the victory royale? WWGDB - Thanos and Fortnite Mashup: Can You Build Your Way to Beating the Mad Titan?

Fortnite Battle Royale is continuously evolving, and just this week, and Epic Games - with coordination fro, Marvel - decided to put up a limited time mode featuring the Mad Titan himself, Thanos, and his Infinity Gauntlet. Although the game mode is a STARK reminder of what happened in the Avengers: Infinity War, it’s a great way for both gamers and Marvel fans to finally get over the HULKing hangover stemming from the movie’s events. Bad puns aside, let’s take a look at how the new LTM works and if it’s worth a shot. (Warning: there are mild Infinity War spoilers ahead!)

Getting the Gauntlet

Thanos wearing the Infinity Gauntlet in Fortnite

It starts like any other Fortnite game: you jump into the island from the battle bus and glide to your desired location. Note that the safe zone is immediately shown and the storm closes in immediately after the bus exits the map. After which, the Infinity Gauntlet drops into the safe zone via a meteor, and the players who get to the gauntlet first will BECOME Thanos himself. If Thanos is killed, the gauntlet will be dropped and will be ripe for another player to pick up and be the Mad Titan again. It is important to note that the map shows the location of the Infinity Gauntlet and Thanos, so it is safe to say that the player who picks the gauntlet up will immediately be everybody else’s target.

What can Thanos do?

The Infinity War antagonist has 200 shields and 500 health, and his shields regenerate whenever he takes down a player. However, his health doesn’t regenerate. Initially, he had 800 health and 300 shields, but the developers nerfed him in order to give most players an opportunity to play as him. It’s not exactly the wisest move Epic has ever done, considering that with enough, any decent Fortnite player can take him down.

Thanos cannot build structures or use any of the weapons present in the game. After all, who needs them when you have the Infinity Gauntlet? Anyway, the Mad Titan has four distinct abilities and these are: The first is a punch that destroys structures and knocks back enemies.

  • Mighty Punch

  • The first ability is a punch that breaks structures and knocks back enemies. When the mode first came out, it only dealt 80 damage, but it has been increased to 100. It’s perfect for taking down fortified positions, especially if you’re dealing with a John Wick who has seen his fair share of building battles.

  • The "Dive Bomb" Punch

  • This is an AoE ability, perfect for taking out multiple opponents. In addition, it’s also great for taking out buildings and players who have suddenly decided to cooperate in taking you down.

  • Laser Blast

  • Using the Power Stone, Thanos can release some sort of energy blast directed towards enemies and buildings which can deal damage over time. At first, it was capable of dealing 12 damage, then 15, then with the recent update, up to 20.

  • Super Jump

  • The last ability is a jump that can let Thanos vault over large obstacles - from large fortifications to the buildings in Titled Towers to the rather large hills near Loot Lake. It’s a great way to escape from multiple targets showering you with bullets, or pursue an opponent who decided to use a launchpad to escape your wrath.

It’s also important to note that Thanos does not take fall damage so players can jump from great heights without worrying about losing health. The best part is that you can still have access to your emotes and dances when you play as Thanos. So yes, you can make the Mad Titan eat popcorn, dab, or breakdance!

Dabbing Thanos in Fortnite

With this Marvel-Fortnite tandem, where is the game headed?

Initially, Fortnite was built to become a co-op game - Save the World (StW) mode - where you build forts with friends to take out zombies. Today, it is safe to say that battle royale became the MAIN mode months after its release, considering that it has garnered more attention and delivered more profits to Epic than StW. Still though, we can’t wait for StW to go free and finally play a PvE mode with our Fortnite friends.

Thanos using a laser blast in Fortnite

With the developers being rather open to mashups and community feedback, Fortnite BR will arguably grow into a bigger game and is yet to reach its zenith. It is constantly growing, and growth brings forth new ideas which can only make it better. Here’s to hoping we can get a zombie mode - given that StW is about taking the undead out - and even something related to Star Wars or other pop culture mainstays. They can even make a villains mode where 10 super-powered players - much like Thanos - will face off against 90 regular players. The possibilities are endless, and with the outstanding creative team Epic has, we can definitely look forward to more pair-ups in the future.

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