Ring in the Holidays with Jurassic World Evolution 2’s Early Cretaceous Pack!

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Let's do a deep dive into the recently released Jurassic World Evolution 2 DLC, the Early Cretaceous Pack, and find out if it's worth it! WWGDB - Ring in the Holidays with Jurassic World Evolution 2’s Early Cretaceous Pack!

If you’re among the group of people who are eyeing the recently-dropped Early Cretaceous Pack, and maybe... just maybe... planning to buy it as a nice little Christmas present for yourself or a friend who’s a fan of Jurassic World Evolution 2, well, don’t worry – we’re here for you. Let’s take a deep dive into the pack and see what it has to offer!

For starters, the Early Cretaceous Pack comes with a whopping 4 new dinosaurs; 2 land dinosaurs, namely the Wuerhosaurus and Minmi, along with a single aquatic (Kronosaurus) and flying (Dsungaripterus) dinosaurs each.


Kronosaurus has always been a personal favorite of mine because firstly, it’s named after the Greek god of time and the King of Titans, Cronus, which is cool, and, secondly, because it’s one of the largest marine predators to have swum Earth’s waters. It is only overshadowed by Pliosaurus funke and possibly its close relative, the Liopleurodon. This is why I’m definitely a fan of this DLC. That being said, I’m sure there are many players out there who love the other dinosaurs as well.

These dinosaurs come with their unique sets of behaviors, so you can have fun watching them interact with their environment and the other dinosaur species within their enclosures. For instance, the herbivorous stegosaurid, Wuerhosaurus, enjoys the company of other herbivores like the hadrosaurids, pachycephalosaurids, and sauropods, but you’ll do well to keep them away from carnivores who won’t hesitate to treat them as “wild game”.

Now, you might be wondering – is this pack actually worth getting? Well, not only does the DLC provides a good mix of fan-favorite dinos, but it is also 1 dinosaur more than the typical dinosaur pack you’d get in the first original game… and for at around the same price (+/- $1, depending on regional pricing) too! Just compared it with any of the dinosaur pack DLCs released for the first Jurassic World Evolution game, such as the Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack or the Herbivore Dinosaur Pack. Those packs only came with 3 dinosaurs. Heck, I’d pay an extra $1 (and more) if I could get another dinosaur for my park, who wouldn’t?


Saving the best part for last… the best thing about this pack is the fact that all of these dinosaurs are immediately accessible in the Sandbox mode – no unlocking required! Considering how huge of a concern this was back when the base game originally debuted, it’s really good to see that the team behind the game heard our feedback and has acted accordingly to it.

Of course, although this isn’t exactly a pack-containing feature, the game also released a free update for all players alongside the Early Cretaceous Pack. The update is mostly Sandbox mode-friendly, featuring the 5 maps from the campaign, more buildings such as restrooms, lagoons, and aviaries, as well as rock perches for flying reptiles. You can now replay campaign maps too, thanks to the new level selection screen.

To sum up, it can sometimes be hard to know whether or not something is worth the price you’re paying, but in this particular case, I can confidently say that the price tag on the Early Cretaceous Pack matches the contents it offers. After all, everyone wants more gorgeous, lifelike dinosaurs in their Jurassic Parks, and this DLC provides exactly that.

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