Playstation 4's Free PS Plus Games this September 2017

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The Playstation PS Plus games lineup for September 2017 has been released, and one of them is truly an “infamous” title! WWGDB - Playstation 4's Free PS Plus Games this September 2017

Playstation Plus members are truly getting their money’s worth, even with the recent price increase. Last August, we had games like Just Cause 3 and Downwell making it to the lineup, and we have to say that it was a pretty great month. Just as we were all reeling from the explosions (pun intended) in the previous month’s games, the September 2017 might blow us away even further. Here are the titles available to PS Plus titles this month:

inFamous: Second Son

Infamous Second Son

Another entry to the well-loved inFamous series, Second Son focuses on the adventures of Delsin Rowe in the locked-down city of Seattle. If you aren’t familiar with the inFamous universe, just note that it’s like X-Men: you’re a superhuman being hunted down by a ruthless government branch called the Department of Unified Protection. Without going much into spoilers, you will get to explore a world and use your powers with gusto. Just remember though, your actions and choices may have consequences affecting the city and the people around you. Should you be the typical infallible moralist hero or the anti-hero whose actions borderline those of a villain? Play and find out what you want Delsin to be!

Strike Vector EX

Strike Vector EX

This game is a shooter wherein you pilot ships called “vectors” and you fly around a planet and your glorified base to defeat baddies and bandits whose sole aim is to defeat you. It’s not your typical 3rd-person shooter: it’s a mix between games like Beach Head and Ace Combat. You can remain stationary in mid-air, picking off targets flying around you or fly around in great speeds, dogfighting and unleashing wave after wave of your deadly arsenal of weapons.

There is a single player mode that lets you go through the story and the lore of Strike Vector EX’s word. Its biggest draw is its multiplayer mode that lets you go online and play against other players in extremely fast-paced battles. Customization is also a major aspect in the game: you can change what your weapon loadouts are and upgrade your vector’s parts. These can affect your play style, whether you want to be a tank, a sniper, or a close-range fighter. Download the game, try out different loadouts and combinations to see what suits your preferences best!

We Are Doomed

We Are Doomed

Another shooter on this list, We Are Doomed is a twin-stick one where you shoot enemy baddies (represented by various polygons) with your immensely powerful laser beam. It’s purely an arcade game: you won’t have to deal with any plotlines and cutscenes, just pure, unadulterated action. That being said, it’s comparable to old arcade games like Asteroids. Controls are extremely simple and though there is a tutorial, you will probably have to spend just a few minutes mastering everything.

There are two modes: you can either play Endless or just do the typical 30-wave one. The games are relatively easy to start, so you can just pick-up the controller and start playing within seconds. Though the graphics are simply made of brightly-colored polygons and geometrical shapes, it is extremely fun. Apart from being available on the Playstation 4, it is also available (cross-play) on the Playstation Vita.

Hatoful Boyfriend

Hatoful Boyfriend

This game is arguably one of the most absurd (in a positive way) and queer on the list. Hatoful Boyfriend is a, otome visual novel wherein you will play as a human girl attending an academy. Here, you will get to interact with birds, particularly doves, and find love amongst flapping wings inside its hallowed, academic halls. Take note that the game is open-ended: meaning, you choices affect what the final result would be.

Even if the game does not sound like the one you would typically try, it has been positively reviewed by pundits and is highly rated in Steam and the Playstation 4. This is due to the fantastic gameplay and well-written narratives and dialogue. There is a good replayability value in the game itself, since you can take multiple routes. You can basically start all over again, pick different options, and have a fresh adventure. It’s also available on the PS Vita, so try playing it privately!

Apart from the above mentioned games, RIGS Mechanized Combat League is exclusively available for US and Canada users for two months, from September 5 to November 7. This game lets you play various sports, like various combat sports, basketball, and even football, all while wearing the PS VR. For PS3 users, they will be treated to fast sporting action in Handball 2016, and get behind the steering wheel of a monstrous machine and race against others in Truck Racer. PS Plus members are also offered a 30% discount for Dead By Daylight until September 22. They can also play the game for free on the 15th up until the 18th.

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